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Windy Part 1[edit]

This is the first part of the level. You will have to stop at Barn Boys after you complete Part 1. You are now located at what you saw at the first cutscene. First of all, take the right path. You will meet a sad mother bee, who tells you her beehive has been stolen by enormous wasps. So, go in the opposite direction. Climb up until you see a beehive, pick it up, then suddenly, wasps come and try to chase you to get back the beehive. Try to run on the path as much as possible while trying to avoid wasps' stingers. Once you get to the Bee, the Bee will shoot the bees like a turret. You get $100 for helping her. Now, go to Birdy, the Scarecrow, and give them the 10 dollars for the manual of the slingshot. Now, you have to slingshot four Dung Beetles, that try to sting you. If you hit them once, they will try to come sting you, quickly aim at the dung beetles and hit them with your slingshot to defeat them. After all of them are gone, go up to the hill, and there will be two paths, take the right path. Now, you have completed Part 1. But you will need to do Barn Boys to do the second part.

Windy Part 2[edit]

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