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Weapons can be obtained from a few different sources throughout the game. In many outdoor stages, weapons are obtained from capsules (left) and sensors (center). Capsules fly across the screen from the left side to the right (or in the case of the waterfall stage, from bottom to top) and release weapons when shot. Sensors, on the other hand, are stationary and embedded in the stage. During the indoor stages, weapons can be obtained by shooting the red guard (right) that hops across the background. Only one red guard will appear per room, so once the guard escapes, you will not encounter another until you advance to a new room. To obtain a new weapon, you simply need to touch it. However, once you do, you will lose your previous weapon with no means of getting it back until you find a new instance of it, except for the R weapon, which is an add-on buff that increases the speed of the bullets without changing the type.

Weapon Effect Description
You begin a new game with the standard rifle. It can shoot several bullets on the screen at one time, but it has no special ability. If you are in possession of another weapon when you are killed, you will return to the game with this rifle.
The Machine Gun is an upgrade to the standard rifle. It allows for many bullets to be fired rapidly in a short period of time. Players may hold the fire button down for an uninterrupted stream of bullets. Other than its rapid fire rate, it has no special abilities.
The Laser is the strongest weapon in the game in terms of the amount of damage it can deliver. However, you may only fire one laser on the screen at one time, although you may hold the fire button down to release lasers continuously. Although long, it has a small area of effect, and must be aimed carefully to be used effectively.
The Fireball gun is an effective weapon whose only weakness is the slow speed of the bullets it fires. When fired, it releases a rolling fireball that cuts a wide swath of destruction. These fireballs can do a lot of damage, and it has a wide area of effect, but they don't move particularly fast across the screen.
The Spread gun is a particular favorite of many players. While the bullets it shoots aren't any stronger than that of the normal gun or the Machine Gun, the spread effect of the gun allows players to remove many threats simultaneously. Because the bullets travel outward as they progress, this gun requires substantially less aim to cause a lot of destruction. However, be prepared to fire quite rapidly at strong enemies since it lacks the power of the Laser or Fireball guns.
The Rapid upgrade is an item that increases the speed of bullets that's applicable to all kinds of weapons. When collected, it will dramatically speed up the velocity of the bullets fired by the standard rifle. This will not make the bullets stronger, but it certainly does make it a more effective weapon.
The Barrier is not a weapon, but rather a temporary power-up that surrounds each player with a set of objects that rotate around the player's body, protecting them from harmful collisions for approximately 32 seconds. After the 32 seconds are over, the objects disappear, and the player is once again vulnerable to attack.