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Listed by order of appearance. The names are primarily from the US version of the game, followed by their Japanese and European names. Names in quotation marks are unofficial names or translations for enemies who don't have official American names.

Stage 1[edit]

Corporals of Punishment[edit]

  • Japanese name: Small Fry Soldiers (ザコ兵 Zako Hei?)
  • European name: Other soldiers

The Corporals are the common fodder enemies in the first two stages. There are two types of Corporals in the game: Blue Corporals will simply try to attack the player at close range, while the Red Corporals will shoot their guns as well. There are more Red Corporals than Blue Corporals on the harder difficulties.


  • Japanese name: Sniper (狙撃兵 Sogekihei?)

A Red Corporal who sits in a crouching position in order to attack the player with his rifle. They also appear in Stage 3.

"Grenade Thrower"[edit]

Official name unavailable. A Blue Corporal who remain in a crouching position while throwing explosives at the player.

Man-Faced Mutts[edit]

  • Japanese name: Human-faced Dogs (人面犬 Jinmen'inu?)
  • European name: Human faced dogs

A canine-like creature with a human face who will attack the player when his back is turn. On the Easy setting, they will leave the player alone.

"Middle Fort"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Middle Fort (中間要塞 Chuukan Yousai?)

A mid-sized version of the Defense Wall from the original Contra. It is protected by a single sniper on top and two cannons on the middle. Shoot the core at the bottom to destroy it.

"Magnus Mk. II"[edit]

  • Japanese name: The Magnetic Heavily Armored Vehicle Magnus Mk. II (磁力重装甲車マグナスmk2 Jiryoku Juu Soukousha Magunasu Mk2?)
  • European name: Magnetic Heavy Armoured Car Magnus mk2

A tank manned by an alien soldier that throws numerous grenades in an arc pattern.

Beast Kimkoh[edit]

  • Japanese name: Slave Beast Taka (奴隷獣タカ Doreijuu Taka?)
  • European name: Vicious Slave Hawk

In the Japanese and European versions, Kimkoh is the name given to the Golden Beast in Area 6 (the final boss from the NES version of Super C).

A giant tortoise-like creature with a beehive over its back. Its weak spot is its exposed heart below on its chest. The beehive will spawn bees that will come after you, while the heart will defend itself by shooting bullets. Sometimes the beast will extend his face to bite you and occasionally it will attack with a fire breath attack that will lasts for a few seconds. On the Hard setting, the beehive is indestructible, so concentrate only on the Heart.

Stage 2[edit]

Chrome Dome[edit]

In the American version's manual, the graphic shown for Chrome Dome is that of the Wall Walker from Stage 3
  • Japanese name: Dome Defender (ドームディフェンダー Doomu Difendaa?)
  • European name: Dome defender

The Chrome Domes are Red Corporals stationed inside manhole-sized domes. They can defend themselves from the player's firepower by closing their domes. Destroying one of them will leave behind a power-up. The objective of Stage 2 is destroy all five Chrome Domes.


  • Japanese name: Crawler Tank (クローラータンク Kurooraa Tanku?)
  • European name: Crawler Tank

Green centipede-like robots that has infested the collapsed highway in Stage 2 capable of shooting bullets. A red colored appears in Stage 5 that will split into four smaller Twylobites after being destroyed once.


  • Japanese name: Multi-Cannon Sweeping Machine Bosco Spider (多砲台掃討機ボスコスパイダー Tahoudai Soutouki Bosuko Supaidaa?)

A huge spider-like machine with six round shaped gun cannons, a laser gun for a tail, and huge red core on its. In order to damage the core, the player must first destroy the six gun cannons and the laser gun.

Stage 3[edit]

"Rotating Duckers"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Rotating Ducker (回転ダッカー Kaiten Dakkaa?)

A rotating cannon. The Duckers were originally enemies from the Gradius series.


  • Japanese name: Gigafly (ギガフライ Gigafurai?)
  • European name: Gigafry

A giant alien fly. Unlike other enemies, a Gigafly won't kill you by touching you, but it will if it grab you and flying off to the top of the screen. As soon as a Gigafly grabs you, shoot it before it gets the chance to kill you.

Tri-Transforming Wall-Walker[edit]

In the American version's manual, the Wall Walker is listed twice in the manual, the first time under the name of Chrome Dome
  • Japanese name: Tri-Transforming Mecha Wall Walker (三段変形メカウォールウォーカー Sandan Henkei Meka Wooru Wookaa?)
  • European name: Tri-Transforming Wall-Walker

A mechanical enemy with three different forms, as it name suggests. In its first form, it appears as a hovering orb with a rotating plank that your character can latch onto and will try to kill you with a drill over its core. In its second form, it will try corner your character by climbing a wall with him while shooting missiles. In its third and final form, it will release a spiked floor and ceiling from the wall while trying to crush you with its drill.

The Flying Squito Nest[edit]

  • Japanese name: Floating Bird Nest Garth Base (浮遊鳥巣ガースベース Fuyuu Chou Su Gaasubeesu?)
  • European name: Floating Bird's Nest Garth Base

A hovercraft carrying with it a seemingly limitless number of alien birdmen (or Megasquitos). When its not dropping Megasquitos, it will defend itself with grenades.

Mutant Megasquito[edit]

  • Japanese name: Birdman Garth (鳥人間ガース Choujinma Gaasu?)
  • European name: Birdman Garth

A sub-specie of aliens with wings. They were originally from Super C, where they appeared in Area 4.

"Rotating Gun"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Rotating Gun (回転砲台 Kaitei Houtai?)

An unmanned cannon found inside the walls of the factory base.

BOB-1 and BOB-2[edit]

  • Japanese name: Robot Brothers Kenny No. 1 and No. 2 (兄弟ロボケニ1号&2号 Kyoudai Robo Keni Ichigou to Nigou?)
  • European name: Brothers Robot Kenny 1 & 2

Two robotic sub-bosses resembling skeletons. The blue one focuses his attack on the ground, while the red will jump around and occasionally cling to the ceiling to fire a three-way shot.


  • Japanese name: Daikaku Robot Big Fuzz (大覚ロボビッグファズ Daikaku Robo Biggu Fazu?)
  • European name: Grand Prize Robot Big Fuzz

A giant blue skeleton-like robot resembling a Terminator robot. Its attacks includes a fire breath, time bombs, and guided laser beams.

Stage 4[edit]

Psycho Cycler[edit]

  • Japanese name: Hell Riders (ヘルライダース Heruraidaasu?)
  • European name: Hellriders

"High Speed Tank Booby"[edit]

  • Japanese name: High Speed Tank Booby (高速戦車ブービー号 Kousoku Sensha Buubii Gou?)

"Sensor Arm"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Sensor Arm (センサーアーム Sensaa Aamu?)

"Fierce Cannon"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Fierce Cannon (強烈砲台 Kyouretsu Houdai?)

"Walking Bipedal Cannon"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Tetranducker (テトランダッカー Tetorandakkaa?)
  • European name: Tetandakker


  • Japanese name: Rocket Ninja Sasaki (ロケット忍者ササキ Roketto Ninja Sasaki?)
  • European name: Rocket Ninja Sasaki


  • Japanese name: Anti-Contra Battleship Dodriguez (対魂斗羅戦艦ドドリゲス Tai Kontora Senkan Dodorigesu?)
  • European name: Anti-Contra Sergeant Dodoriguez

Stage 5[edit]

"Alien Scorpions and Alien Scorpion Generators"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Oggies and Oggie Generators (オギー&オギージェネレーター Ogii to Ogii Jenereetaa?)


  • Japanese name: Top Secret Experimental Creature Anthell (極秘実験生物アントヘル Gokuhi Jakken Seibutsu Antoheru?)

Stage 6[edit]

"Humanoid Aliens"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Ogre-Faced Beast Orlean (鬼頭獣オーリアン Kitou Juu Oorian?)

"Alien Mouth and Mouth spawns"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Ultra Preying Beast Wadder (超猛獣ワーダ Chou Moujuu Waada?) and Poisonous Insect Gell (毒々虫ゲル Dokudokuchuu Geru?)
  • European name: Ultra-wild Animal Wadder

"Facehuggers and Facehugger Breeders"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Evil Insect Buggers (把妖虫バッカー Hayouchuu Bakkaa?) and Evil Eggrons (妖卵エグロン Youran Eguron?)


  • Japanese name: Uranian Devil Dragon Java (天王鬼龍神ジャバ Tennou Ki Ryuujin Jaba?) and Ogre-faced Beast Bandles (鬼頭獣バンドル Kitou Ju Bandoru?)
  • European name: Jappa

"Giant Alien Heart"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Evil Heart of the Uranian Beast Gomera Mosking (天王創魔心ゴメラモスキング Tennou Sou Mashin Gomera Mosukingu?)
  • European name: Gomeramos King

"Golden Beast"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Shadow Beast Kimkoh (陰獣キムコウ Injuu Kimukou?)
  • European name: The Fearsome Beast Kimkoh

Vicious Slave Hawk[edit]

  • Japanese name: Metal Alien (メタルエイリアン Metaru Eirian?)
  • European name: Metal Alien

His American name is a mistranslation of "Slave Beast Taka", which is the name of the giant turtle boss from Area 1.

Jagger Froid[edit]

  • Japanese name: Uranian Beast Gava (天王鬼ギャバ Tennouki Gyaba?)
  • European name: Uranian Devil Gappa

"Alien Brain"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Living Brain Organism Searle (頭脳生命体サール Zunou Seimeitai Saaru?)

"Armored Alien Brain"[edit]

  • Japanese name: Six Men Feromedos (フェロメドス六人衆 Feromedosu Rokuninshuu?)