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The object of this stage is to destroy all the enemy bases in the area. Choose an area of the map to start and destroy each base, which are symbolized by the little flashing circles on the map. Wait for them to open up then duck and fire at it until it's destroyed. On the higher difficulty levels, you may have to face away from the base to get it to open up and fire at you.

When you're moving around, watch out for the cracked places in the ground. Those places will give way when you step on them. The only way through is to step across the narrow path that's remaining. The centipede enemy can be a pain the ass too. Keep your eyes open. After you destroy all of the bases, you'll face the boss.

Metallican: First thing you have to do is destroy the legs. They will fire a steady stream of bullets until you smash each and every one of them. Destroy the tail next. It's easier to destroy. Once you do this, Metallican will start flying upwards and then crashing into the ground rapidly. Just keep moving around and firing. You'll eventually destroy it.