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Head right and kill the rolling enemies and others that appear. You'll eventually reach a spot that has a long pole going right. Jump onto it and kill the flying enemies that appear. Use an Aura Bomb if you have to. At the end, you'll find a boss to greet you.

Tri-Transforming Wall Walker: An unusual boss, its initial form is a sphere with a pole sticking out of either end of it. Jump onto the pole and wait until it reaches the bottom, and then blast the core there. Jump off again when it reaches the top. Rinse and repeat until its first form is destroyed. Shoot the missiles that will appear from the bottom of the screen and then jump onto the wall. Not long after you start climbing, the Wall Walker will reappear in its second form from the bottom and trap you under it. While you're underneath it will start firing missiles at you. Climb along with it and shoot the missiles that get close. When you've climbed far enough, you'll reach a part of the wall that will go inwards to reveal spikes all along the top and bottom, causing the Wall Walker to transform into its third and final form. The boss will try to bash into you now but it's still fairly simple at this point. Watch out for the boss's fake thrusts followed by a quick bash into the wall. That's all you really have to watch out for on the lower difficulty levels. On the higher difficulty levels it will also move along the wall for a few seconds when it tries to bash you.

Continue up and then run to the right to meet yet another boss:

29 lives
The Flying Squito Nest spawns infinite enemies, which can be exploited for infinite points. Equip the machine gun and move as far to the left as possible so you can fire to the right. Enemies will keep coming and get killed by your bullets, racking up points, which translates into lives (up to 29). If you get bored you can tape the fire button down (or use a binder clip) and go do something else.
The Flying Squito Nest: This sub boss shouldn't be problematic; it should be destroyed in no time at all. The first thing it will do is drop grenades around the middle, and then start dropping troops out of the sides of the ship. Start firing at it when it's dropping enemies down and you should be able to destroy it before it stops. If not, rinse and repeat until it's destroyed.

Head right and grab the barrier ahead. Run through the missiles and shoot the door. Climb upwards using the poles and shoot the turrets scattered around here. Head to the right when you're at the top and continue jumping on the poles to get across the holes. Further ahead there will be several powerups and the boss of the stage but first you'll have to deal with the two robots hanging from the ceiling.

BOB 1 and BOB 2: The blue robot will only fire its gun at the ground. It doesn't move around too much and it's simple to destroy. The red robot jumps around and fires bullets at you. It will also jump toward you and when you go past it, it will hang onto the ceiling and shoot at you. Stay on the ceiling and start firing at whichever robot is closest to you. When the red robot starts jumping toward you, stay on the ceiling and climb past it to the far corner. Once you hit either robot enough times, their legs will give out and they will start

hopping around. Continue hitting them and they will both be destroyed in no time at all.

After they are both gone, the boss of the stage will appear through the wall behind you. Look out!

Robo-Corpse: Robo-Corpse has three attacks. The first one are lasers that follow you around until they disappear. In order to avoid the lasers, climb to the high point of the wall, not the ceiling, and wait for the laser. Jump off the wall when they get close by. Rinse and repeat until they disappear. The second is a flamethrower that moves clockwise around the room. It moves slowly on easy and normal, at least slow enough that you can get some shots in while your trying to avoid the flame. On hard though, you'll be running for your life. The third are a series of bombs that the boss throws randomly around the room. They have a short timer so you can quickly move away if they appear beside you. After that attack it will start from the beginning again. Once you hit it enough times, it will close the door and decapitate itself.