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There's 28 Skills to clear, under Use Skill

They are pretty straight forward. do everything as fast as possible, but pacing & rhythm counts too, in the time frame to clear that skill.

You want to pull without breaking the leaves. So start off making sure the leaf is separated from the bunch before pulling it off. As the cabbage gets smaller you can go faster.
tap the handle
start tapping before the count down to get the rhythm for the 2nd stage.
its not about speed its about accuracy. to hit the center of the handle. Up to the first 3 stages. Starting the 3rd is when you have to gradually up the speed.
1st stage is onion slices, 2nd stage is chopped onions, 3rd stage is ginger, 4th is scallions, and the 5th is a jumbo scallion.
slide the blue handle as fast as possible.
after each slice pick up the stylus and start sawing again.
STAY within the handle.
You can go easy on the 1st stage because you'll want to conserve your energy.

1st stage is tofu, 2nd stage is chicken, 3rd is beef, 4th is salami, 5th is pepperoni. be prepared for the transition btw the 3rd & 4th stage. Because you saw for a shorter amount of time and have to move the stylus quicker Tip: your weigh and the pressure you apply isn't going to help you. You need to be quick and nimble.

peel but don't lift your stylus off the screen. just move it up and down as fast as possible.
it might be easier not to listen to the music. Just pay attention to the visual cues.
Peel Hot
The goal to clear the last stage is to pull all the flaps open without any flaws.
don't lift your stylus just swipe back and forth as fast as possible until you clear.
Tap up and down (everywhere on the prawn) as rapidly as possible about 3x on each side before flipping over.
Pound The Rice
tap as soon as you see the middle finger open up.
When hear the squish sound cue, right after tap it. Its going to take rhythm and sound to clear this skill
Fold Dumplings
Bake Quantity Told
pay attention the the directions. Use math and add.
Cut Tendon
Its memorizing. Don't think too hard about it. Just quickly count how many lines are going vertical and horizontal and swipe in the general direction and areas until you clear
pay attention to the visual cues. turn off the music.
Crack an Egg
You just want to tap the egg 3x and place it over the bowl
Peel Shrimp
Tenderize meat
Tap all over.
Place on Stick
The timer runs on how long it takes for you to memorize. Assembling, the timer stops.
If you don't want to cheat compare what she's asking for with your tray of assortments to help you memorize.
For the last stage you'll get messed up because the fishcakes may get stuck and you won't be able to grab whatever you want. So start from right to left.
Peel an Egg
SF, Tap AFAP. Cleared in 5.
Make Rice Ball
Its pretty much like Kneading. Filling doesn't matter.
Make Sushi Rice
take a deep breath and blow consistently.
Don't lift your stylus just slide it up and down the lines AFAP
Charcoal Grill
tap all the fans. Have the air closely evenly distributed but More on the fans on the Edges. As soon as they golden tap them out.
Take out bigger chunks in the beginning.
The last stage will ask you for 300g in one step. So just take off half.

Tip Ex. Even though she asks for 5 you'll still clear with 4.

circle AFAP
Stuff Cabbage
Its like dumpling with a few added swipes.
Remove foam
At first you just want to follow the foam and draw a circle around the foam until they all go away.
Start circling before its done forming.
Around the 3rd stage, You'll want to circle 2 foam bubbles at a time.
4th/5th stage you'll want to make wider ovals and start circling 3 bubbles as fast as possible.
Separate Yolk
Your goal in the end is to separate the yolk in 3 moves. So practice that until you get to the last stage.