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  • Unlocked: ???

Instant Ramen is one of the easiest recipes to make since it only has 1 simple step: Pour hot water.

Pour hot water![edit]

Touch pot to pour hot water into the cup. Be careful not to pour too much.

To make the water come out of the pot tap on the button on the top left of it with the Stylus button. The 6 pixel radius around the button will also react as if the button was pushed. It is important to remember to tap the button again to turn the water off or it will overflow. Your objective is to fill the Styrofoam cup up to the visible line above the noodles.

Tip: If you are having a hard time timing your Stylus button tap when turning the water off then take a moment to study how fast the water moves when it is running. The Stylus button tap should be slightly before the water level reaches the line since there is a small lag in between the tap and when the water actually stops flowing. If you do turn it off prematurely and still have space to fill there will still be time to quickly turn the pot on and finish.

How it is judged[edit]

This stage is judged based on the water level when time runs out. The water inside the cup can reach 6 levels before overflowing. It takes a little under a second for 1 of these segments to fill up.

Very Good!
  • Fill the cup until the 5th level. This is the visible line above the noodles.
  • Fill the cup to the 2nd level (1/3 of the noodles wet) or until the 4th level (top of the noodles).
  • Never starting the water at all.
  • Filling the cup by only 1 level (right before the noodles).
  • Filling the cup until it overflows.