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  • Peel! - Peel six potatoes. Move the peeler up and down. Be careful and go slow, but don't take too long! Takes a lot of practice!
  • Chop up! - Tap the knife quickly to slice the carrot.
  • Boil! - Follow the directions: Add, Mix, Blow, Blow, Mix, Low, Mix, Add, High, Blow, Blow, Mix.
  • Peel While Hot! - Drag the potatoes to the hand and quickly peel back the four flaps.
  • Slice up! - Draw a line where it shows to slice the potatoes.
  • Chop Up! - Tap the knife quickly to slice the cucumber.
  • Add ingredients! - Look at the picture above and try to figure out what ingredient it is, then drag it to the bowl. Go quick!
  • Mix! - Spin your stylus in a circle to mix the potato salad!