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  • Joystick: Use the 4-way joystick to move the pieces left, right, and down, for up to 24 extra points in the case of the last; pushing it up has no effect.
  • Rotating Button: Use this button to rotate those pieces in an anticlockwise direction; it is not possible for you to rotate them in a clockwise direction.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push either of these buttons to proceed to the mode selection screen, then pick 1 Player Mode or Interactive 2 Player Mode.



CP Container.gif In Cosmo Gang: The Video, these red boxes attacked by materializing in particular positions on the screen as they started flashing; if you could fire a shot at them before they exploded, they would launch a hail of bullets at those Cosmo Gangers. However, once you have filled a line of six of them here, they will disappear - and once you have filled up 1000 lines, the "LINES" counter will break, which is one of the four closest ways you can get to winning.


CP Jammer.gif In Cosmo Gang: The Video, these Cosmo Gangers were originally coloured pink and came in two types; now they are coloured purple and only come in one type, and must be eliminated with the Balls, when they appear. If you accidentally cover one, with a Container, you should not give up - because if you avoid piling on more Containers, you might still be able to get him. Once you have eliminated 10000 of them, the "COSMO" counter will break, which is another of those four closest ways you can get to winning; the other two are if you manage to reach 10000000 points or if you reach speed level 1000.


CP Pipopapo-Tai.gif These turquoise Cosmo Gangers, who are also known as the "Antaccha", were created specifically for this game and only appear in the Interactive 2 Player Mode; when the second player eliminates a lot of them at once, not only will he receive a large bonus, but it will also cause a group of them to fall down on the first player's side of the screen (and if the first player should eliminate a lot of Jammers at once, it will cause a group of them to fall down on the second player's side of the screen). Once either player wins 100 games, the "WIN" counter which only appears on the screen in this mode will break.


CP Ball Left.gif CP Ball Right.gif When one of these spherical objects is falling down from the top of the screen, note which direction the arrow on it is facing, as it will move in that direction when it drops; as it rolls, it will eliminate any Cosmo Gangers it hits on its way down to the bottom of the screen. If you chose to start the game on "Normal", "Hard" or "Expert" level, the "Star Meter" will fill up every time one eliminates a Cosmo Ganger - and once it is completely filled, a Star (CP Star.gif) will fall down from the top of the screen and eliminate seven rows of Cosmo Gangers when it lands. Now it is time to move on to the game walkthrough.