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  • O, P and Y: In the ZX and CPC versions of the game, use these keys to make Duckula (try and) walk left, walk right and jump; you can also press H and Space together to call Tremendous Terence (but you can only call him once until you meet up with Igor). However, in the C64 and Amiga versions of the game, you will have to push the joystick left, right and up (you must also push it down and press its button to call Tremendous Terence) - and these versions also have a vertical scrolling shooter sequence at the beginning in which you will have to use the joystick to move the turret and press its button to make it fire shots at asteroids, some of which will leave bouncing Dr. Von Goosewing satellites behind when destroyed.


Count Duckula XVII of Transylvania[edit]

CD2 Count Duckula.png

The protagonist of the game; after the "lumber room" of his castle got blasted into space by the crazed German goose, Dr. Von Goosewing, and it collided with the ship of his hero, Tremendous Terence, they both crash-landed on the Planet Cute, and the lightning conductor of the "lumber room" got lost as a result. He must now try to recover it, by making his way from the left side of each screen to the right, walking onto randomly-appearing platforms (as he shall "seize" if he falls any distance greater than his own height and have to restart the screen) avoiding caterpillars, ragdolls, teddybears and jack-in-the-boxes (as he shall, again, "seize" if they touch him and have to restart the screen but he can fire tomato ketchup at them to temporarily stun them), collecting corn packets (once he has collected four of them, they shall render him invulnerable for a short period of time, but he will still "seize" if he falls a distance greater than his own height) and ketchup bottles (to refill his gun) and if all else fails, he can call Tremendous Terence, to fly him over to the next screen - but he can only do this once until he meets up with his butler, Igor (who shall give him a broccoli sandwich).

Igor the Butler[edit]

CD2 Igor.png

Duckula's vulture butler (who, you may remember, is responsible for him being a vegetarian due to using tomato ketchup instead of blood in the reanimation process) will appear at the end of the fourteenth and twenty-fifth screens, to give Duckula a broccoli sandwich (and another chance to call Tremendous Terence); however, Nanny (his hen housekeeper) only appears in the ending to destroy a giant mechanical dog.

Tremendous Terence[edit]

CD2 Tremendous Terence.png

Duckula's hero shall appear to fly him over to the next screen when he is called by pressing H and Space together (ZX and CPC), or pushing the joystick down while pressing its button (C64 and Amiga); however, you can only do this once until the first time you meet up with Igor on the fourteenth screen. Due to poor level design, the twenty-first screen may also only be cleared by calling Tremendous Terence - and this means that if you had already called him on two previous occasions before you reached it, the game will become impossible to finish.


There are four types of enemies that Duckula has to watch out for, and do not appear to be based upon anything from the show: Caterpillars, Ragdolls, and Teddybears shall all walk (or crawl, in the case of the Caterpillars) back and forth in a given area, while Jack-In-The-Boxes jump out of their boxes and recede back into them again; the Ragdolls also defy the fact that Albert Penguin Jives' employer, Colonel Willoughby was the only human character on the show (in the thirty-fifth episode, "Arctic Circles"), but you may remember that this game was released around the time that Duckula made his final appearance on Bunglers in Crime and met its main characters, Victor & Hugo (who were both human, but they too were the only humans on their show).


There are only two types of items that Duckula has to watch out for: Corn Packets will, once he has collected four of them, make him invulnerable to the enemies for a short period of time (and according to the manuals, they are actually supposed to represent the Crunchy Munchies cereal box tops that he had amassed 15000 of in the show; however, he will still "seize" if he falls a distance greater than his own height) and Ketchup Bottles will refill his gun.