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Code Effect
god God mode
noclip "No-clip" mode - Go wherever you want in the level (walls, water, etc.)
notarget Enemies don't see you
impulse 101 Get a Magnum sniper rifle, a CV-47 and a KM Sub-Machine Gun.
give <name> Game gives you a selected weapon (List below)
maps * Show all available maps.
map <map name> Go to a map (First Use "maps *", choose a map from there and then go to the map you have chosen.

List for "give" command:

Code Weapon
weapon_ak47 CV-47 (From Terrorists)
weapon_aug Bullpup (From Counter-Terrorists)
weapon_awp Magnum Sniper Rifle
weapon_deagle Night Hawk .50C
weapon_elite .40 Dual Elites (From Terrorists)
weapon_famas Clarion 5.56 (From Counter-Terrorists)
weapon_fiveseven ES Five Seven (From Counter-Terrorists)
weapon_g3sg1 D3/AU-1 (From Terrorists)
weapon_glock18 9X19MM Sidearm
weapon_m3 Leone 12 Gauge Super
weapon_m4a1 Maverick M4A1 Carbine (From Counter-Terrorists)
weapon_mac10 Ingram Mac-10 (From Terrorists)
weapon_mp5navy KM Sub-Machine Gun
weapon_p228 228 Combat
weapon_p90 ES C90
weapon_scout Schmidt Scout
weapon_sg550 Krieg 550 Commando (From Counter-Terrorists)
weapon_sg552 Krieg 552 (From Terrorists)
weapon_tmp Schmidt Machine Pistol (From Counter-Terrorists)
weapon_ump45 KM UMP45
weapon_usp KM .45 Tactical
weapon_xm1014 Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
weapon_hegrenade HE Grenade
weapon_flashbang Flashbang
weapon_smokegrenade Smoke Grenade
weapon_knife Melee Knife
Code Item
item_healthkit Health Kit
item_armor Armor
ammo_generic Full Ammo For All Weapons