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Warcraft 3 Mod[edit]

First of all, you'll want to understand the automatic binds that servers may put into place (in some you'll have to manually bind these). These servers are not 100% foolproof and so many glitches can be encountered in these mods (they can sometimes crash things). As such, some of the binds used in games can be overridden and sometimes very difficult to fix.

Commonly you will run into these binds (note that the keys used can vary):

Key Ability Description
Caps Lock Ultimate Uses the ultimate for the particular race you are using (only works once you unlock it).
E Hook By holding E you can release a grappling hook with unlimited reach. Once the "rope" reaches an object you will automatically be pulled towards it. This ability can be used to reach high places and accelerate you beyond normal running speeds.
F Halo Shield Invisibility Turns you invisible.

Zombie Mod[edit]