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Popular de_inferno strategies.

Counter-terrorist side[edit]

Terrorist Side[edit]

Pistol round - 3 out of the 5 terrorists are to armor up and rush B, while the other two wait mid with bomb, waiting for the push from middle. The B rushers then fall back towards middle, and all 5 terrorists rush up mid and take the A site.

Eco round Strategy 1 - All 5 terrorists are to walk alternate middle/apartments area and wait for the nade stack from the saving cts (this usually occurs with them nading down mid). They are eventually going to take the A site.

Eco round Strategy 2 - The 5 terrorists should buy a nade and throw it up mid while rushing, hopefully fragging the CT that is watching mid. Rush the A site and plant.

Default Gun round - A popular setup for this round is for 2 terrorists to walk alternate middle and work it. One guy should be watching apartments, while the other should be watching B and Mid. Usually for this setup, you should end up working and taking the A site.