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The controls for all CS games is the same, W is forward, A is left, S is back, D is right. The arrow keys are not default for motion for good reason, the keys around WASD are essential. R reloads, E is the action key, and ZXC control default voice commands. The K key is default for microphone use but advanced users tend to relocate this to their mouse 3 or mouse 4 buttons. Firing is done by pressing the left mouse button and the scroll wheel switches weapons. Q is quick switch which will bring up the last weapon used. The most effective way for beginners to shoot is to use bursting, that is, firing for 3-5 shots then releasing to control recoil. More advanced users will use the click-click-click method of rapid clicking to reduce recoil further, but this takes practice. Another effective way of killing when pressured is 'spray and pray'. This is where the user holds down fire until the enemy dies. This is ineffective at long range due to recoil but at close range, it can be effective if the player can move the mouse against the direction for recoil while firing.