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Counter-Strike Condition Zero is a first-person shooter in which Counter-Terrorists compete against Terrorists for points. The team with the most points at the end of the map is the winner.

Players often compete for the highest individual score amongst their team as a measure of their playing ability, especially while playing on public servers.

Gaining Team Points[edit]


  • Killing every opponent on the Terrorist team
  • Diffusing the planted bomb on de maps
  • Returning the hostages to the rescue point on cs maps
  • Protecting the VIP through the map and to the evacuation point on as maps


  • Killing every opponent on the Counter-Terrorist team
  • Planting and detonating the bomb on de maps
  • Guarding and preventing the rescue of the hostages on cs maps
  • Assassinating the VIP on as maps

Gaining Individual Points[edit]

  • Three points for diffusing a bomb on the Counter-Terrorist team
  • Three points for planting and detonating the bomb on the Terrorist team
  • One point per kill