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There are many different types of maps that are playable in CS:CZ. Each type has a different objective and a specific environment. Only the official maps will be presented in this article.

  • de_ maps are some of the most recognizable and favorite maps to CS players. The objective in this level is to destroy one of two bombsites as a terrorist or to protect the bomb sites as counter-terrorists.
  • cs_ maps involve the rescue of hostages from the terrorists. The terrorists usually are positioned around the T spawn and the CT's must attempt to get the hostages from the T spawn back to their spawn, like a glorified capture the flag game.
  • as_ maps are also referred to as VIP maps. The objective of the terrorists is to asassinate the VIP who is randomly seleceted member of the counter-terrorist team. The weapons on these levels is limited in order to increase the difficulty for the terrorist team. The VIP is not allowed to buy any weapons or equipment and starts with a USP with two full clips and 150 armor. The VIP attempts to make it to the evacuation point without being killed and the rest of the team must assist him in this goal by protecting him and even taking the fire from enemies if necessary.