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Css cs compound overview general.jpg
Developer Valve Software
Players 0-32
Type Hostage rescue
Popularity Low
General tactics

cs_compound is a hostage rescue map.

Map Strategies[edit]


The terrorists spawn in the large building in the middle of the map. There are three routes from the center building:

  1. The front exit, turning to the left.
  2. The front exit, turning to the right.
  3. The right exit, leading out back. You can use this path if you want to guard against players that slip past the main combat.

The right-hand side of this building also contains stairs to reach teh second level, where you can attack from the upper floor. It is a bit of a long trip to this second floor.

Counter Terrorists[edit]

There are four routes to reach the hostages.

  1. The far left route through the gates. This may lead to a direct firefight.
  2. By climbing the vehicles against the wall, and jumping over the wall. Note that this is an exposed position, and you would probably take fire from two different directions. However, it is still useful if the other team is distracted.
  3. To the right, and into the first gate towards the complex. This may lead to a direct firefight.
  4. To the right, and to the end of the series of crates. This may lead to a direct firefight, and also requires crossing an area

The hostages are stores in a storage shed behind the building.