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Developer Valve Software
Players 0-32
Type Bomb defusion
Popularity Medium
General tactics Rushing

de_aztec is a semi-popular - popular map. It's a bomb defusion map, and counter-terrorists probably have the upper hand.

Map strategies[edit]


Being a counter terrorists is pretty easy, if you have a good team and a scout, or even better, an AWP. You can camp or rush. For camping, camp in either: The blocks near the bomb site for the big one near the double-doors, or right behind the block in bomb-site A, or the block near bombsite A, at/near the CT buy zone. To rush, call 40% of your team to charge the double-doors. A few Ts should be there, and if you are playing against bots, 70% of the terrorist team should be there. Then, call 40% of your team to go down into the water. They should meet some terrorists there.

The other 20%, should camp at bomb-site A and/or B, especially if they aren't as experienced. Defending the bridge near the bombsite is acceptable, although is a bit more risky (but isn't always in use.) However, this group should eventually meet up with the main forces for a surprise attack from behind if the team at the double doors hasn't beaten back the enemies. Near the end of the round where there is one person left, everyone should go in groups of two to kill the remaining survivor.

One inexpensive tactic involves the flashbang. First, buy a flashbang and a TMP. Make your way to either the bridge, or the double doors (this can also be used later in the game). When you see an enemy, take out your flashbang and throw it directly at them (looking away to avoid blinding yourself) Then, using the silenced TMP, shoot them. They won't be able to track you because of their blinding and deafness. Hold your trigger if they are very close, or shoot in bursts otherwise. However, the TMP doesn't have much of a recoil, allowing a general spray of bullets.


There aren't many tactics here. Camping is not recommended, since there isn't much to camp for, so we will use rushing. For terrorists, rushing is simple. Just rush in one, big, fat group. It is recommended you rush: over the bridge, or in the water. The T doors don't give much of a good angle to shoot at, unless you were a sniper and you had a AWP, allowing you to shoot at people at the bomb B site. Another way is that you can all rush at the bridge. After rushing to the middle, jump into the water so you don't get hurt. Then make your way into a site, preferable site B, since you could go to site A from the bridge.

To dominate the map after the initial rush, take control over the points normally occupied by the Counter Terrorists.


This isn't really a place for short range weapons, such as shotguns, but you can use it if necessary. If you are flexible with all weapons, get a sniper rifle, or otherwise, buy an automatic rifle. SMGs are a last resort.


de_aztec provides a good environment for a wide variety of players. The map is pretty simple; it's a place with a bridge, a canal, and stairs, and is suitable for training with sniping weapons (aside from custom maps).