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Box artwork for Country Club.
Country Club
Year released1988
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Country Club is an arcade golf game developed by SNK and released in 1988. It uses the same hardware architecture as Fighting Golf, and is principally built on the same software as Fighting Golf, except it contains a few notable differences, including:

  • The player is not given a choice of golfers. Particular golfing personalities are assigned to the player; Captain Clark for player 1 and Miracle Chosuke for player 2. They are presumably identical in ability.
  • Much of the graphics have been altered, if not generally improved.
  • The controls feature a trackball which must be rolled to determine the strength and direction of the club swing instead of a joystick/button combination.
  • New golf courses provide new challenges.

Also unlike Fighting Golf, Country Club features no golfing celebrity endorsement, nor was it converted for play on home console, and thus remains an arcade-only game. Aside from the cosmetic and control scheme changes, game play is in all other ways identical to Fighting Gold

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