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Los Muertos is a gang of Central American drug runners that have taken control of the two western islands of Pacific City, which are now collectively known as La Mugre.

Violetta Sanchez[edit]

Violetta is based in the El Castillo apartment complex, beside the freeway on the southern island of La Mugre.

Jose Guerra[edit]

Guerra can be found at his nightclub on the northeast corner of La Mugre's southern island.

Rafael Diaz[edit]

Diaz and his hotrods are located at the arena on the northern island of La Mugre.

Rodrigo Alvarez[edit]

Alvarez can be found on the beach next to his Sportiz Exercise and Fitness on the west of La Mugre.

Ramon Gonzales[edit]

Gonzales is based in the lighthouse on the northern shore of La Mugre.

Juan Martinez[edit]

Don Domingo Garcia[edit]

Garcia's villa stronghold is on the western shore of La Mugre's northern island.