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Cubic Zone[edit]

Mirror Zone[edit]

Tube Zone[edit]

Final Zone[edit]

Break the System[edit]

Crackout Final Password.png

After you defeat the final boss in Area 4-11, you will see the screen presented to the right. The purpose of this screen is to enter the correct password that will entitle you to view the ending of the game. If you do not input the correct password, you will be returned to Area 1-01 to start the game over. The correct password is composed of letters that you may have seen in the borders of the game, or by flipping out certain tiles over the course of the game. They are not presented in order, but are scrambled. In order to determine the correct password, you must have most, or all of the letters written down, and attempt to unscramble them into a fairly well-known saying or phrase. Check the spoiler below for the correct solution.