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This is a level set along the Great Wall of China, and is Coco's first Level, as well as her tiger's.

Crystal Path[edit]

Go forward, and you will automatically jump on her tiger. There are 2 boxes ahead, and a hole to jump over. After that, there are 2 boxes, 2 holes, and another box after a pathway of apples. You need to avoid any obstacles, as you cannot kill anything on this level although you can crash into the rolling barrels with holding the Square button while running. After the weird old men, there are 4 boxes, with one containing a Crash Head which is up in a kite. Jump to get it, and then avoid the barrels.

Jump over the Dragon, and if you want to qualify for the gem, go to the lower level of the building by not stepping on the spring. There will be a checkpoint box just before the building.

Checkpoint 1[edit]

After the building, there will be a Crash Head box, followed by 2 dragons and another Crash Head box. There will then be another weird old guy, and a single box, then 4 boxes. After that, 2 more dragons and a weird guy appear. Dodge all of those, and continue to the left area. There will then be another checkpoint box.

Checkpoint 2[edit]

There will then be 2 more dragons, and then go to the second level of the building to get the boxes. After the building, there will be 2 more dragons, the second one you don't jump for. There will be 4 boxes and the crystal after them, then another 2 boxes. Jump over the hole there, and go under the next dragon. There will be another Checkpoint Box.

Checkpoint 3[edit]

Jump over the next dragon, and avoid the barrel. Hit the box and avoid the weird old man, avoid the stacked barrels. Go to the right to avoid the weird old men, and to avoid going up top, sprint and jump to avoid the spring. However, if you jump to late, you will wind up on top floor anyway, so be careful. Jump over the hole in the ground, go to the left to avoid the weird old man, avoid the barrels, and you will automatically jump the last section. Head to the warp hole to complete the level.