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This is the first Level in the Crash Bandicoot Series, set in a medieval environment.

Crystal Path (First attempt)[edit]

When you start at the beginning of the level, there are 2 boxes. Spin to break them, and continue along, and you will find two bouncy boxes. Jump on them to earn approximately 10 apples from each of them. Continue along the pathway to find 3 more apples, and another bouncy box on a log.

Aku Aku boxes
The effects are stackable to 1 additional buddy, get a third to become temporarily invincible, excluding holes

After that, your first enemy appears, which is a goat. Either spin it or jump on it to kill it, or go past it. Then you will find another box and further along the path, an Aku Aku box. Break the Aku Aku box to obtain a buddy, who will protect you from one hit. There will then be 4 boxes stacked together, and then a 5th box out of the way. That 5th box is a Checkpoint Box. If you die, you will be respawned at the last checkpoint box you broke.

Continue along the path, and just past the goat, you will find a box that switches designs. I would recommend the Crash Head one, as it will give you an extra life. However, if you do not break that box quickly enough, it will become an unbreakable box, and you will not be able to break it to get the gem at the end of the level. Continue Along and you will find a frog. As it hops towards you, spin it to kill it.

Bonus Level
Simply continue along the path, breaking all 7 boxes that you should come across. Easily the simplest Bonus Level to complete.

After a few more boxes, there will be a guy swinging a sword. Just as he lays down the sword, go to him and spin him to kill him. The crystal for the level should be behind him, grab it, and continue on to the box, and the completely optional, but highly recommended, Bonus Level.

Continue along the path after that, and attack the goat, break all of the boxes, and kill the frog. At that point, you will come across another Checkpoint Box.

Checkpoint 2[edit]

After the Checkpoint box, you will break 3 boxes, and come across another frog. Kill it, and there will be more apples lying on the path, followed by 4 boxes. The one at back is a bouncy box, so jump on these boxes so as not to waste all of the apples in the bouncy box.

After that, another sword guy will be attempting to swing his sword. Right as he places his sword down, go over and spin him away. After the bridge, there will be a goat, a box, and a path between 2 holes. Continue along the path, and there will be another goat. Kill it, and there will be 3 apples in a row, and 2 switcher boxes. Quickly get rid of them when they show the question mark to get apples, and there should be a see-through box, which turns into a gem if you have hit all of the boxes. If it did turn into a gem, good work. If not, bad luck there, you must have missed a box, most likely you couldn't get the top bouncy box at the start of the level.

Go through the warp hole to return to the warp room, and congratulations on passing the first level! After you have completed it, you can then apply for the relics, which are races against the clock to get through the level. It is NOT recommended to try for gold relics until you have completed the 5th boss and obtained the Running Power-up.