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This Level takes place underwater.

Crystal Path[edit]

Go along to the right, and you will find 2 boxes. Spin to break them (Note: Spinning also causes you to dash ahead) and then the next 4 that you encounter. After that, you will come across a shark, and then some mines, which follow you. After you get past them, there will be a pufferfish. Do not attack them when they are puffed up, as you will still be hurt. After that, there will be a pipe connected to a chamber. Avoid the rotating electrocuted blades, and go down, going right then left to avoid the eels.

When you hit the bottom, there will be 5 boxes, including a switching one. After breaking them, there will be a shark, and then a large pipe with 4 boxes to break. After the pipe, there will be a mine, then a pufferfish, and then the first checkpoint box of the level.

Checkpoint 1[edit]

After the checkpoint, there will be a downwards pipe, and you will be pushed to the bottom by fans. Get through there, busting all of the boxes on the way. At the end is an underwater jet ski, use the torpedoes on the Square button to blast any seaweed patches to reveal boxes. As you blast your way over a bump in the level, there is a shark just past it. Blast it and the mine, and the boxes below, and when you reach the pipe, you then lose the jet ski. In that pipe, there are several boxes, including a Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2[edit]

Go through the rotating electric blades, and go left to right to avoid the eels and mine. There will be another jet ski. Take it, and after several boxes, there will be a shark, some pufferfish, the crystal, some boxes and a mine. Take the switching box as an Aku Aku, unless you already have a gold and yellow one, as you cannot gain invincibility on the underwater levels. Afterwards there is a big pipe containing a shark which you have to go through, which contains the warp area and the gem, if you destroyed all of the boxes.