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Crash of the Titans
Box artwork for Crash of the Titans.
Developer(s)Amaze Entertainment
Release date(s)
System(s)Nintendo DS
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
Preceded byCrash Twinsanity
Followed byMind over Mutant
SeriesCrash Bandicoot
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For the console version, see Crash of the Titans.

Crash of the Titans is an action-adventure game published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Amaze Entertainment. The game was first released in North America on October 3, 2007, in Europe on October 12, 2007 and in Australia on October 25, 2007; it is the first game in the Crash Bandicoot series that was not released in Japan.

The game received mixed reviews upon its release; critics disparaged the game's short length, and although the game's variety was generally seen positively, reviewers noted little outstanding in the game. Despite this so-so reception, the game was nominated for two awards.

Crash of the Titans is the fourteenth installment in the Crash Bandicoot video game series, but it is the sixth chronologically. The game's story centers on the discovery of a substance known as "Mojo", which the antagonist of the series, Doctor Neo Cortex, plans to use to turn the inhabitants of the Wumpa Islands into an army of loyal mutants known as "Titans". The protagonist of the series, Crash Bandicoot, must stop Cortex by using the technique of "jacking" to take control of and destroy Cortex's Titans while collecting the Mojo.

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