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General information[edit]

  • When you start the game, your climber will climb a couple of steps. Then it will be up to you to guide him to the top of the building. The hardest aspect of this game is developing a rhythm with the controls to enable your climber to climb smoothly. This is something that takes practice. Fortunately, once you've developed this rhythm, the game is much easier to play. The basic rhythm is :
  1. From the bottom ledge, reach up to the next ledge (left or right joystick).
  2. Once you've got a hold on the next ledge, pull back on the joystick to bring your climber to the next ledge.
  3. Use the opposite joystick to reach for the next ledge. Then pull yourself up.
  4. Continue this rhythm for fast, straight climbs.
  5. This also works for climbing diagonally. Instead of reaching for the ledge above, reach for the upper right or left ledge diagonal from your climber.
  • You can move your climber from side to side just by pushing both joysticks to the right or left. As long as windows are open along your path, you can execute this move. Good for avoiding objects dropping on you such as signs and garbage.
  • All the buildings have the following hazards :
  1. Windows opening and closing : You cannot climb on a ledge if the window is closed. On building 1, they open and close slowly while on building 4, they open and close quickly.
  2. Bald people throwing flowerpots out the windows : You cannot climb on a ledge if a person is in the window. Also, if a flowerpot hits your climber, you will get one hand knocked off the ledge. If you were only holding on by one hand, your climber falls.
  3. A pesky bird flies over dropping nifty things on your climber (only building 3 doesn't have this bird) : Again, not much trouble if you are holding onto a ledge with both hands.
  • If you are holding onto a ledge with both hands and the window closes, your climber will fall. This is why you need to either quickly move up the building or learn how to move diagonally to avoid the window hazards. In addition, you will have to move diagonally when the building configuration is 4-2.

Building 1 - Nichibutsu[edit]

Avoid the gorilla's punch

Besides the above hazards, there is only one other hazard to deal with…

  1. The bird shows up when the building configuration goes from a 6-2-2 to a 6 for the second time.
  2. People will drop flowerpots on you when the building goes from 6-2-2 for the first time to 6-2-2 the second time.
  3. King Kong will be at the point where the building goes to 6-2 the second time. To get by Kong, just go up the windows on the opposite side Kong is on.

Building 2 - Nichibutsu Leisure[edit]

Lookout for the flailing wires

The usual hazards exist along with another new one.

  1. The bird shows up when the building configuration goes from 6-4 the second time to the middle of the 4 configuration.
  2. People drop flowerpots when the building goes to 2 until it goes to 2-4.
  3. When the building goes 6-2-2, there is a Nichibutsu sign with wires coming out of either side sparking away. The best path is the right one under the sign.
  4. Try to get the balloon which appears midway on the final 4 wide configuration.

Building 3 - Nichibutsu U.S.A Corp.[edit]

More Antagonists will drop items on you

There is yet another new hazard along with a couple of old ones.

  1. People drop flowerpots from the first 6-2-2 configuration to the second 6-2-2 configuration.
  2. Right after the 6-4 configuration, Crazy Climber signs will bounce toward your character. There are a couple of methods of dealing with them :
    • First, just slide left or right to avoid them.
    • If they can't be avoided, get both hands on one ledge and pull the joysticks back. This will bring your climber for a hanging position to one where he is resting on his palms. This sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Also, right when the sign is about to hit him, pull back on the joysticks.
  3. Another King Kong awaits where the building goes from 4 to 2. Use the Building 1 method to scoot by him.
  4. Again, try to get the balloon which appears midway on the final 2 wide configuration.

Building 4 - Nichibutsu U.K. Ltd.[edit]

Get away from the falling sign

There is another hazard in addition to the above. Plus, things happen quickly on this building.

  1. In the middle of the first 6-2-2 configuration, is another sign with electrical wires. Use the method from Building 2.
  2. The bird appears at the 6-2 configuration and leaves in the middle of the first 2 configuration.
  3. From the 2-6 configuration to the middle of the 6 configuration, people are dropping flowerpots on your head.
  4. When you come to the final 4-2 configuration, it is usually better to go to the left. This is because the Crazy Climber signs usually come down the right side. Of course, this isn't always true. Use the methods in Building 3 to deal with them.
  5. Throughout your climb up this building, various manners of barbells, trash. There is no real defense against these except hold on tightly.
  6. Once you complete this building, you are transported back to Building 1 to start again.

Secret Password[edit]

Enter the name '' in the high score table and you get two free credits. This only works on the Japanese and bootleg versions of the game (although the password code is still present in the US version, the high score table entry has been crippled to only allow 3 letters, so you can't enter the code).