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These melee weapons can only be equipped by Giauque.

Name ATK Spell
Rapier 30 Crimson Rage
Battle Knife 29 Spinning Strike
Bone Axe 33 Bloody Strike
Gladius 37 Radiant Strike
Bloody Mace 38 Bloody Strike
Broadsword 40 Crimson Rage
Battle Axe 38 Spinning Strike
Knight's Sword 39 Holy Strike
Thor Hammer 42 Thor Smash

These melee weapons can only be equipped by Frea.

Name ATK Spell 1 Spell 2
Mage's Staff 20 Solid Strike Rouse
Aero Staff 22 Aeroslash Wither
Earth Staff 22 Occator Spike Leadon Vapor
Thunder Staff 22 Thunderbolt Beguiling Veil
Light Staff 22 Holy Spark Spell Spark
Dark Staff 22 Black Widow Enfeeble Mind
Mending Staff 23 Resurrect Mass Heal
Solid Cudgel 24 Detonate II Reveal II
Aqua Cudgel 24 Tempest Hydrowave II
Hail Cudgel 24 Avalanche Ice Breath II
Dark Cudgel 24 Dark Vortex Black Widow II
Healer's Staff 25 Holy Spark II Heal II