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Briefing Room[edit]

After defeating Behemoth you will now have the option to make your first gamesave. There will be a couple of cutscenes describing a mission to Wutai. After the cutscenes you will be in the Briefing Room. Some more controls for the field will be explained. Use Triangle button to view Main Menu. From this menu you can view messages, just select Mail, if new mail is available an envelope icon will be displayed to the right. From the Mail Box you have the choice of Inbox and Tutorials. Select any tutorial to get a run down of how to complete many actions in Crisis Core. Talk to Kunsel and select read mail to continue. This is where you learn that you have lost all Materia you had previously. Kunsel will explain the Missions Board. Here you can accept missions designated by SOLDIER. Follow Kunsel to Missions Board. There are no items in this area so just approach Missions Board and you will automatically be registered for a mission. To activate missions you must be at a Save Point Ff7ccsavepoint.png and one has just suddenly appeared behind Zack. Walk to the Save Point and open Main Menu and select Missions. Shinra Electric Power Company will be the first category of Missions and then the subcategory Training Missions followed by the actual Missions list, Shinra's Basic Training being the first available. After pressing Cross button there will be a short description of the mission, and a choice to accept the mission. After accepting the mission you will be transported to the training area.

Training Room LV. 49[edit]

Shinra's Basic Training[edit]

For this first mission you will have to defeat several Sentries. Just use basic attacks and cure when needed. After the battle you will receive an Elixir, which restores HP, MP, and AP.

Briefing Room[edit]

Kunsel will explain Supply Pods. These are provisions that SOLDIER provides. You may only look into box 06 at the moment. Inside you will receive a Bronze Bangle, which raises HP. If you check the pod 20 times (Kunsel will tell you the same thing each time) you will recieve a Cursed Ring, which boosts all stats, but prevents leveling up. After you check the pod, you will receive a new piece of mail. The game will remind you to check the Inbox frequently. Check the Inbox if you would like. There are 2 new messages: one from Kunsel, which after you read makes a new folder named SOLDIER, and one from Shinra News, which also after reading creates a new folder of the same name.

There are no new Missions available at the Save Point, but you may do Shinra's Basic Training as many times as you would like. No new items can be obtained, but you can collect Gil.

When you are ready to continue speak with Angeal. If you have followed this section then there is nothing else to do. Choose "I'm all set!" to view some quick cutscenes and complete this area.

Mt. Tamblin[edit]

Mountain Path[edit]

During this cutscene you will be forced to fight 3 Wutai Privates. Finish them off for another cutscene regarding Dumbapples!?. After the cutscene follow the path you may encounter 3 more Wutai Privates at the first turn. Continue down the path and from here they will be random encounters. Enemies include Wutai Privates and Wutai Sergents. At the next turn there will be another cutscene where Angeal will explain Dumbapples. Continue on down the path to a Save Point. There is a new message available in the Inbox from Lazard, again another folder will be created. Save your game and continue to the next area.

Near Fort[edit]

Here you will have a quick cutscene with Angeal, then you will be thrown in to a fight with several Wutai Privates on the ground and on the wall of the fort and a few Wutai Sergent's. Defeat the ground enemies with any attacks available to you and pay attention to any bonuses you receive. The enemies on the wall can be defeated by ranged Materia: Fire or Blizzard. After this battle you will engage in another on the opposite side of the wall.

Fort Tamblin[edit]

Defeat 2 Privates here and a Sergent. You will receive a call alerting you of a anti-soldier monster.


Assault on Fort Tamblin
Fortress Interior: Remnant forces

In the top left corner you will see 11 stars. This indicates the amount of Wutai personnel you will have to defeat to continue to the Centrel Area. After each battle confrontation you will fill in 1 star. The first 1 is already filled in. Follow the path to the left at the end of this path there is a chest. Open it for a Soma. Follow the path to the right now. As you follow this path you may encounter a new enemy a Foulander it uses elemental attacks so watch your health. Continue on down the path. At the end here some enemies will appear through a revolving part of the wall. Defeat them and you may examine the revolving wall section and you will get a small cutscene. After defeating these enemies you will receive a call from Lazard warning that enemy forces are located near revolving wall sections. This news will increase the number of stars needed to fill. Backtrack to the beginning; there will be a tower with a Sergeant. Examine it and he will jump down to attack with his squad. After finishing the ensuing battle and taking the call from Lazard, return and follow the path around the corner to encounter another chest which contains a Potion. Turn left from the chest to find another. This chest contains nothing and throws you into a fight with 3 Wutai Privates and a Wutai Sergent. Follow the path to encounter 2 Foulanders. Continue on into the next area, to the left is one chest containing a Hi-Potion. To the right is another chest and an enemy encounter. After the fight, check the revolving door (the indent in the wall) to fight another group of Wutai troops, then return to the main area, which houses another tower. Follow path to the left of the first chest chest. Here you will be at the end of a corridor and at the opposite end will be enemies fire at Zack. Here you will prompted to either Charge! or find a different route. Charging is obvious. If you choose to find a different route, turn around and go back down the path and walk towards the revolving wall section. A small cutscene will allow you to eavesdrop on the enemies you previously encountered and then sneak attack them. The Sergent will retreat and leave behind a Potion. Follow the path to the left where you will encounter 3 Foulanders. After defeating them you will receive another call from Lazard if you have not defeated all of the enemies in this area, meaning you still have stars to fill. You have the ption to continue on or find all the Remnant Forces. Also don't forget to open the chest that you may have passed on the right before the fight with the Foulanders. This chest contains an Ether.
If you decided to carry on without defeating all the Remnant Forces or you found them all then please skip to the next section Central
Head backwards through the Corridor at the end of the path take a right and then bear left. Here is another encounter with Foulanders defeat them and open the chest here for an Ether.

'*'If at the end you do not have all of the stars, check that you have activated all of the trap walls.


After entering the door, there is a right or left path, both lead to the lower half of the courtyard. There is a chest on both sides. The right path has a chest which contains Earrings. The left path has a chest that contains Hi-Potion. In the middle of the lower courtyard there is a Savepoint, and a dragon statue. Also there is a new piece of mail. Read the new mail, save the game and examine the statue. There will be a short cutscene. The dragon statue is the Wutai Deity Leviathan. After the cutscene you will fight 2 Crescent Guards and The Crescent Unit Captain. The cutscene will continue. Turn around and start walking towards the building. There will be another cutscene involving Yuffie. Keep going up the stairs and to the door. Enter the Arena.


Vajradhara Wu and Vajradhara Tai

This will be the first boss fight. Try to attack one of the twins at once. Use magic attacks as these will deal more damage. Watch AP as it will drain, use potions and ether. The twins will use a special move called the Twin Tomahawk. Remember to guard as much as possible. When one of the twins are left the match becomes a bit easier, just watch out for the Mace Boomerang attack.

There will be a cutscene after defeating the twins. You will receive a Fire Armlet for the victory at Wutai. After the cutscene there will be a fight with some mysterious targets.

Mt. Tamblin[edit]

Animal Trail[edit]

After the director has been left in safe hands you will return to gameplay. Save the game at the Savepoint.