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This is the chapter where you finish the first DMW reels and start the second.

Into the Slums[edit]

The chapter begins when Aerith calls Zack to go to the Church in the Sector 5 slums. To get there, you take the train from Sector 8. When you arrive, Tseng emerges from the church and tells you Aerith isn't there. A helicopter appears and you load up.

Upon the Reactor[edit]

The helicopter will crash in the mountains near Modeoheim, Zack's hometown. You and a 3rd class SOLDIER will be ahead of Tseng and another 3rd class SOLDIER. You and him get into a discussion, bragging to Tseng how they are country boys. You ask for his name, and he takes off his helmet, saying Cloud. You gain Cloud's DMW reel. After hiking, you come to a reactor.

Reactor Invasion[edit]

Here, you have to invade the reactor. Watch, because you have to sneak around guards. There is also about six chests around the outside. You probably will not have done this before, but every time you're caught, you lose a chest. After all are gone, the guards leave. You go to the warehouse in the back and go in. You take the left track to get an item. You take the right path to come to a save point and an elevator. You save and come into battle, then take the elevator.

Genesis Battle[edit]

After taking the elevator, you see Hollander and Genesis arguing. Genesis will be gray in spots due to degradation. Zack will run in and stops them. Hollander's stupidity will draw him to get past you to Genesis. Hollander decides to run, and Cloud appears chasing Hollander. You go into battle with Genesis. The best way to defeat Genesis is to have these attached: Dark Fire, Dark Blizzard, Dark Thunder, Blizzara Blade, MBarrier, Cure Use the Dark attacks to hopefully poison Genesis and use Blizzara Blade to eventually wipe him out. Getting Aerith's DMW lined up will make you invincible for a short time. After winning the battle, Genesis will throw himself over the ledge.

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