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Zack Fair[edit]

CCFFVII Zack Fair Artwork.png
Birthplace Gongaga
Age 16-22 (ages throughout story)
Weapon Sword, Buster Sword
Height Globe.svg 1,85 m Flag of the United States.svg 6ft 1in
Bio Zack is a Soldier 2nd class operative and he's training at the hands of one of Soldier's proudest members, Angeal. Zack is an energetic young man brimming with excitement and vigor. Although he dreams of one day becoming a hero like his idol, Sephiroth, Zack must first overcome his limitations. Zack's primary weakness is not physical, but mental. Simply put, he has difficulty maintaining focus-As deadly a character flaw as one could have on the battlefield. As time goes by and Zack matures and his ability to focus improves, he is promoted to Soldier 1st class and given the most important assignment. He continues to respect Sephiroth. But it is Angeal he begins to emulate. Zack remembers all of Angeal's teachings and seeks to pass them down to those who follow in his Soldier footsteps. Most importantly, Zack keeps his hope of becoming a hero alive and follows his dream in the most honorable way a Soldier operative can.

Angeal Hewley[edit]

CCFF7 Angeal Hewley.jpg
Birthplace Banora
Age Around 25
Weapon Buster Sword
Height Globe.svg ? m Flag of the United States.svg ?ft ?in
Bio Angeal is a Soldier 1st Class operative he carries himself with the dignity and honor befitting his position. Angeal grew up in the small village of Banora, as a childhood friend of Genesis. Once in Soldier, Genesis and Angeal befriended Sephiroth and the three became the most successful and popular Soldier operatives ever. When not on assignment, Angeal spends his time mentoring Zack. The two become close friends and Angeal works hard to impart his beliefs to the impressionable youngster. Angeal's reasons for joining Soldier or uncertain, but it's clear that his family has a history with the sword-and a deep respect for its power.

Genesis Rhapsodos[edit]

CCFF7 Genesis Rhapsodos.jpg
Birthplace Banora
Age About 18
Weapon Rapier
Height Globe.svg 1,88 m Flag of the United States.svg 6ft 2in
Bio Genesis is the son of wealthy parents who grew up on a hill above the village of Banora. He joined Soldier at an early age along with his friend Angeal. Genesis turns to the epic poem LOVELESS for his inspiration and guidance. He devotes much of his spare time looking for hidden meanings within the poem and hypothesizing about its lost final act. Genesis goes missing from Soldier and is the subject of a great search by those refusing to believe the worst.


CCFF7 Sephiroth.jpg
Birthplace Nibelheim
Age Around 25
Weapon Masamune
Height Globe.svg 1,91 m Flag of the United States.svg 6ft 3in
Bio Sephiroth is the most famous and highly regarded Soldier 1st Class operative and is considered by all of Midgar to be a tremendous hero. He is a man of few words who prefers to let his sword do his talking. Although he is close friends with Genesis and Angeal, a part of him always felt that he was a breed apart, unique, and alone. As the years pass, Sephiroth grows increasingly obsessive and spends his time studying old Shinra research documents...and he eventually learns the truth.

Aerith Gainsborough[edit]

CCFF7 Aerith Gainsborough.jpg
Birthplace Icicle Lodge
Age 16-22 (ages throughout story)
Height Globe.svg 1,63 m Flag of the United States.svg 5ft 4in (at age 22)
Bio Aerith is a young girl living beneath the midgar plate in the sector 5 slums. She's pretty, well-liked and, although she spends her time tending the flowers she grows in an abandoned church, she has actually seen the sky. she meets Zack through happenstance and immediately takes a liking to him. Although she doesn't know what to make of the fact that he's in soldier, she withholds judgement and chooses to like him for who he is, rather than who his employer is. Aerith shares her dreams and wishes with Zack, but doesn't reveal to him the one thing that makes her so special....

Cloud Strife[edit]

CCFF7 Cloud Strife.jpg
Birthplace Nibelheim
Age 15-21 (ages throughout story)
Weapon Gun
Height Globe.svg 1,73 m Flag of the United States.svg 5ft 8in (at age 21)
Bio Cloud is the uncertain, soft-spoken infantryman who desperately wants to join soldier, but probably never will. He befriends Zack by coincidence on a mission and has the good fortune to be taken under his wing. Cloud is clearly in over his head in Crisis Core and is more of a liability for Zack than he is an asset. Nevertheless, Cloud reveres Zack and comes to value his friendship above all else.