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Below is a complete list of items and accessories. They appear in order of their appearance in the Item sub-menu within the game.


Name In-game Description Buy Sell Materia Fusion Rank
Potion Restores a small amount of HP 50 25 N/A
Hi-Potion Restores a moderate amount of HP 500 250 N/A
X-Potion Restores a large amount of HP 3000 1500 N/A
Ether Restores some MP 200 100 N/A
Soma Restores some AP 200 100 N/A
Remedy Heals all status ailments 200 100 N/A
Elixir Fully restores HP, MP, and AP, and heals all status ailments N/A 2500 3
Phoenix Down Fully restores HP when user is incapacitated N/A 5000 4


Name of Accessory Attribute % Change Buy Sell Materia Fusion Rank
Bronze Bangle HP +10% 500 250 1
Iron Bangle HP +20% N/A 1500 2
Titanium Bangle HP +30% N/A 3000 4
Carbon Bangle HP +40% 8000 4000 6
Platinum Bangle HP +50% N/A 10000 7