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The Age of Darkness, without light. Creatures who wandered this world were later called "monsters" by humans. They were feared by everyone. No one knows where, when, or how these creatures came to be.

Have they been here since the start of humanity, or were they here since the start of time? Who's to say...

Time passes...

One day, there was a change in the world. A great beam of light struck the earth and diffused through the darkness. Filling the earth with light and destiny. Most of the monsters had no resistance to light and quickly perished...

A seemingly endless period of time passed. Humanity had evolved and dominated the earth's surface.

But... monsters did not become extinct. They hid underground and increased their numbers as if they were waiting for the moment of restoration. Our story begins when the monsters reappear and the inevitable conflict between man and monster ensues.

The story begins[edit]

The story starts during Carona's fourteenth birthday. His mother doesn't want him to take his father's sword, but it's apparently tradition to give swords to children when they turn fourteen.

Mom: And now, the moment you have been waiting for, a birthday party for [player name]. Thank you all for being here today!

Mom: Happy birthday, [player name]! You are now 14 years old. I have a present for you.

Mom: This is the sword your father used. He was very strong and kind, but he lost his life in battle...I really don't want to hand this sword to you, but it is the law of this land to hold the sword and go to battle when a boy turns 14...........

If you talk to her again, she'll say the following:

Mom: Well, it's a sad tale, but try to honor your father's intent.

After this, you can talk to the people at the table. First, talk to the kid on the left.

Pico: Wow! I wanna sword, too! I can't wait 'til I hit the big One-Four.

The guy to the south of the table, Billy, seems to have some kind of attitude about Carona's special present.

Billy: I have a sword, too! Not a rusty one like that! It's a brand-new sword!

And lastly, the girl to the right of the table, Alice.

Alice: Happy birthday, [player name]! That is a beautiful sword!

Eventually, Pico will speak up. Apparently, there are fireworks outside.

Pico: Huh...? Fireworks!? Is someone leaving today?

Alice: By the way, it's the day brave Amon leaves. Let's go see him!

Billy: Don't forget to give me a send-off, too, when my turn to go comes, ok?

Alice: Oh Billy...! Becoming a hero is not an easy task! You'll never become one if you don't train yourself at Rafflesia Training Ground!

Pico: C'mon, hurry! I like Amon. I like all strong heroes!

They all walk out the door, and Carona's left to talk to his mom.

Mom: Report your birthday to His Highness, the King.

You can now walk outside. It's a bit cloudy, but an otherwise peaceful environment. You can also talk to the dog at the dog house.

Mac: Bow, wow, wow! Yipee yo, yipee yay!

Move on to the left to talk to the old guy that's sitting down.

WiseMan: I see you've grown old enough to carry a sword, [player name]. Now, have you heard about the medals?

Answer "no", and he'll give you an explanation.

WiseMan: The Training Ground consists of beginning, intermediate, and expert courses, containing bronze, silver, and gold medals. Collect and take them to the castle. The King will exchange them for the holy sword, the true sign of a hero.

Answer "yes", and he'll just say:

WiseMan: Then collect the medals with patience.

Keep going left to the bridge and up/down a series of stairs to see a big open field. Go north and talk to the girl.

Chai: The fortuneteller at the plaza is pretty accurate, but she's off today.

This information doesn't seem too important at the moment, so head left and talk to the boy sitting in the pit-like area.

Boy: This is a plaza for kids. Why don't you join us and play?

Your adventure hasn't begun yet, so you can spend all the time you want here. Climb up the ladder and walk forward to slide down the slide, or just chop the rock-like creatures or the grass (similar to The Legend of Zelda). When you're ready, you can head out. If you keep heading left, there's a tent that's surrounded by flags. Walk in to see a mermaid. This is the place where you can get HP.

Mermaid: Would you like to increase your maximum HP? I will sell one HP, but it costs 800 malins.

If you have enough (which is rare for a beginner) then treat yourself if you like.

After you finish this, go back and cross the bridge, and back to the house where you started. From here, head up north to where the King's castle is. There, you'll see the kids you started out with.

Pico: Isn't the castle up ahead? I'm waiting for Amon, I want to give him a send-off.

Alice: Being a hero is every man's dream. I'm sure Amon will be a great hero one day!

Billy: [player name], I think you should report to the King about your 14th birthday.

Amon seems to be someone special. Either way, head up through the castle doors to talk to the King. There are a few people to talk to in the castle. There's a soldier to the room on the left.

Soldier: Dahlia Valley is a weird place where the monsters keep appearing. You should learn how to throw your sword at the training ground before you go.

Now head forward to see the King and Amon.

King: Well done, Amon. You have passed the trial. Here is your reward.

Amon then holds up his reward, a very special sword.

Amon: Thank you, Your Highness. This sword will be a great encouragement.

King: Your journey will be a long one, but I expect you to do well. Good luck.

Amon: Yes, Your Highness.

When Amon leaves, it's your turn to go up and talk to the King.

King: That must be...[player name]. Yes, it has been a long time. Your father was so brave. He saved this town many times with that very sword...Enough old tales for now. You have come to report your 14th birthday, have you not? I will grant you the right to train at the Rafflesia Training Grounds. Train hard and train well.

Now you have access to the Rafflesia Training Grounds, but not before exploring. Head to the room on the left of the King and go down the stairs to find the prison, where many different monsters are imprisoned. You can talk to the guy guarding the place.

PrisonGuard: This is a prison for monsters who wandered into our village. We are using them for research. I think we should just waste them...

There's not much to see here, so just head back and out of the castle. Cross the bridge and go south to where the map is, and go to Rafflesia Training Grounds.