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Box artwork for Crush.
Developer(s)Smash Designs
Publisher(s)Smash Designs
Release date(s)
System(s)Commodore 64
ModesSingle player
Preceded byKatakis
WebsiteOfficial site
TwitchCrush Channel

Crush (a.k.a. Katakis 2) is an unlicensed 2D horizontal shooter developed and published by independent developer Smash Designs in 1999. Supposedly 200 copies of the game were sold before being distributed on Smash Design's website. The game can be considered incomplete, because some bosses do not shoot or provide any real difficulty.

Manfred Trenz, who probably worked on the original Katakis, has a game development company called Denaris Entertainment Software that has the following text written on this page (translated by Google): "Katakis 2 is a spare time project. The wide variety of commercial projects, the development was put on hold, because, unfortunately, no time was available to continue working. When the development can be resumed is not yet certain."

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