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A large selection of vehicles are present, with most being available to players for personal use. Available ground vehicles range from pickup trucks to tanks, while naval vessels range from motorboats to light military hovercraft. All vehicles (humvees, pickup trucks, and even tanks) have a turbo mode that can be activated via the sprint key. The aircraft selection is limited to one North Korean attack helicopter and a fictional American VTOL aircraft, each of which can transport a half-dozen troops.

Damage is limitedly modeled in wheeled vehicles, most noticeably the ability to burst their tires. Exposed gas cans can also be shot at to detonate their contents, and flaming wrecks will cause proximity heat damage. Of note is that a vehicle can still run even if all the tires are gone, slowly rolling along on its rims. Unavailable vehicles shown in-game include jet aircraft, excavator, and for reasons of scale, ships like destroyers. None of the large alien machines can be commandeered by players.