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The below controls are the default settings, these can be changed by going to Main MenuOptionsControls. Crysis Warhead supports Xbox 360 controllers, but note that some functions are only available on the keyboard.


Mouse & Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller Action
PC Mouse.png Neutral rstick Look
W A S D Neutral lstick Movement
Q E N/A Lean left or right
Space A button Stand up, Jump
Shift LB button Sprint
Ctrl L button Crouch
Z N/A Prone


Mouse & Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png RT button Fire
PC Mouse Right Click.png LT button Zoom
T R button Melee attack
X Up dpad Fire mode
R X button Reload
J N/A Drop weapon
B B button Binoculars
C Down dpad Customization menu
PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Left dpad Next or previous weapon
G Y button Grenade throw
I Start button (hold) Night vision
1 N/A Short range weapon toggle
2 N/A Assault weapon toggle
3 N/A Explosives toggle
4 N/A Suit modes toggle
5 N/A Utilities toggle
H Y button (hold) Grenade type toggle


Mouse & Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller Action
F X button Interact, enter, exit
F5 N/A Quick save
F8 N/A Quick load
F9 N/A Load last saved game
V RB button Suit menu
PC Mouse Middle Click.png N/A Suit quick menu
M Start button Map, open and close
Tab Back button (hold) Objectives
Esc Back button Pause Menu


Mouse & Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller Action
1 Y button Switch to driver seat
2 Y button Switch to gunner seat
3 Y button Switch to passenger seats
F1 B button Toggle third person view
PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png N/A Zoom in/out
H R button Horn
L L button Lights

Land / sea vehicles[edit]

Mouse & Keyboard Xbox 360 Controller Action
W Up lstick Accelerate, forward
S Down lstick Decelerate, backward
A D Left lstickRight lstick Left or right
Space A button Brake
Shift LB button Boost