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"Frozen Paradise" intro screen
"Frozen Paradise" intro screen

Prevent Colonel Lee escaping with the container.

Pursue Colonel Lee[edit]

Follow Lee's hovercraft.

You'll approach a large ship, at which point you're immediately shot at. The area ahead is swarming with nano-suit commandos, so be careful. Alternatively, there's a precision rifle near your team that you can use to pick the KPA off one at a time. There are a few on the pathway to the ship, and a few on the deck of the ship, armed with rifles of their own. Some aliens will show up as well, but they'll be taken down quickly. Just be wary for the APC further down the path, and try to stay out of its way.

Near the bottom of the frozen path is a cache of weaponry including a powerful minigun. Then strength-jump up the icy platforms to reach the entrance to the carrier.

Find a way through the carrier[edit]

Colonel Lee is probably on the other side of the carrier. Find a through.

To your right is a green flare, a gauss rifle, and a shotgun. You'll want the gauss rifle, a number of commandos are about to become your friends. Defeat them or sneak by them, towards the door under the hole in the ceiling. At one point you'll need to fall down a hole in the floor: make sure you cloak first to assess the situation. When you fall, you'll see a room with a few commandos.

The exit to the room is on the south-eastern side, through the roof. You'll need to strength-jump onto a vending machine and then through the month. The exit to the ship is not far from there. Fill up on some guns and ammo, and then jump off the ship.

Pursue Colonel Lee[edit]

Follow Lee's hovercraft.

We're back to Lee. Take out the enemies ahead of you and follow the green point. Your path will lead through a cave, keep an eye out for hoppers and KPA commandos. You can actually run right by them if they're engaged in battle.

Get to the mining complex[edit]

Meet with Eagle Team at the mining complex.

You'll come out of a cave to quite a sight. Head to the house on your left, where you'll find a bunch of ammo and weaponry. Along the path there are more aliens and KPA, and a bunch of hoppers. Eventually you'll reach the mining complex, after observing the strength of the alien exosuits.

Rendezvous with Eagle Team[edit]

Eagle Team are at the mine entrance. Meet them there, then clear the compound. Help Eagle Team by clearing the compound of hostiles. The objective is pretty straightforward: destroy every alien in the area. They all appear on the map. Find a good position, and make sure you don't get surrounded.

Defend your position[edit]

Hold out against the aliens while Eagle Team primes the entrance of the mine with explosives.

Take down all the aliens you can see. There are a number of rocket launchers available for use; use them. Be wary of hoppers that die (and explode) too close to your position. There's a large amount of gauss rifle ammo, too, which is perfect against hoppers. Beware of flying orange-colored Scouts that fire some sort of explosive that pretty much kills you on contact, so take it down fast. Eventually a giant walker will arrive, and that'll be your cue to get the hell out of there and into the mine. Make sure you fill up on ammo as you run in, then enter the mine.