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Cordel Plains[edit]

Items to Obtain
Statue of OnyxTelepathy Spell
Key points
  1. To/from Sealed Cave.
  2. To/from Brynmaer.
  3. A Statue of Onyx is hidden in the grass here.
  4. To/from Poison Forest.
  5. Tornel's House. Pass his test to learn Telepathy.
  6. To/from Mt. Sabre West.
  7. To/from Mt. Sabre North.
  8. Shoot a Level 2 Water bolt across the river to create an ice bridge.
    You'll get the required elements later.
  9. To/from Amazones.

When you emerge from the Sealed Cave, you will arrive in the vast Cordel Plains. The enemies here are stronger, and for the first time you will run into enemies who will not react to the Sword of Wind, regardless of your level. For now, though, just head south and through the gates west to the town of Brynmaer.


Items to Obtain
Gas Mask
Key points
  1. To/from Cordel Plains.
  2. Akahana. Find his Statue of Onyx to receive a Gas Mask.
Pawn Shop Available
Inn Armor Shop Tool Shop
Leather Armor Carapace Shield Bronze Shield Medical Herb Antidote Warp Boots
20 140 70 220 35 45 65

Here, you can purchase slightly better equipment, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. You may wish to buy a shield now as some of the enemies in the Cordel Plains can attack you with projectiles. You can talk to the villagers for information. In particular, someone in the tavern (at the far left) will leave in excitement in the direction of Mt. Sabre.

The Statue of Onyx is hidden in the grass.

The most important person to find at this point is a man named Akahana, near the entrance. He lost a Statue of Onyx near the river. To find it, head east, cross the bridge, and head to the patch of grass on the left. In the NES version, you'll collect the statue, while the GBC version requires you to open a chest.

Return to Brynmear and give the statue. Akahana will thank you, and give you a Gas Mask, as well as a training location.

To continue, you will have to head to the east to reach the Poison Forest. The dark spots on the map represent toxic marsh and will damage you as long as you stand in it. You can use the Rabbit Boots to hop across these patches and minimize your exposure and damage. Equip the Gas Mask before proceeding east into the Poison Forest.