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Awakaned from the Past[edit]

You (the Player)[edit]

You, the Player

(You are allowed to name your character with up to six letters.)

Awakened from a cryogenic cell buried in the mountains near the village of Leaf, you awaken without any memories, learning that your arrival means the return of evil to the world after the apocalypse of 100 years ago. Entrusted with one of the four swords of the elements, you are charged with finding the rest and using them to stop the return of evil.



She was placed into cryogenic statis at the same time as you. Unlike you, she has retained her memories of the past and has gone ahead to make preparations for you. However, unaware of the events transpiring since her sleep, she is likely to run intro trouble. It is in your best interest to seek out Mesia. Not only does she know what you're supposed to do, but you'll want to keep her knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.

The Elders[edit]

In the time since the apocalypse, civilization is beginning to rebuild in small pockets throughout the world. Guiding these villagers are four great Elders. They know about the coming evil and are awaiting you so they may impart their knowledge.

Learn the Telepathy spell and you will be able to contact these Elders for advice.


Zebu the Elder

This ancient keeper of knowledge normally resides in a cave in the west end of the Valley of Wind. Locate him for guidance at the start of your journey. Later on, he will also give you the key to unlock the way to the final elemental sword.


Tornel the Elder

Taking residence in the Cordel Plains, Tornel has been teaching people how to build their strength and skills so as to defend themselves. He currently has a pupil named Stom.


Asina the Elder

Asina is the keeper of the knowledge of healing and defensive arts. She came to Portoa, finding it confused and without a Queen, and took matters into her own hands so as to guide the port town in the right direction.


Kensu the Elder

The newest of the Elders, he seems aloof and uncaring at first. But he nonetheless has earned the trust of at least one of the other Elders. Remind him of this and he will help you. Kensu keeps some of the greatest secrets and because of this has been tasked with spying on Draygonia. He will teach his secrets to you at the right time.



This mysterious figure is the wisdom behind the four Elders. He operates behind the scenes, helping to raise a rebel force to resist the ambitions of Draygonia.

Other Characters[edit]

Along the way, you will run into some other people on occasion.



This traveling merchant is always seeking out rare and valuable items with which to trade. He doesn't talk much about his past, but he is willing to trade with you in exchange for favors.



The young pupil of Tornel, training how to fight and occasionally running errands for him. He too has traveled a lot and has learned to talk to the animals. It's said he once had a friend in one of the rabbits that roam the field outside the town of Sahara.


The Empire of Draygonia represents the most obvious enemy force in the world today. Led by Emperor Draygon and with the help of his lieutenants, the Finest Four, he has instilled a fear not felt in the world in over 100 years.

Emperor Draygon[edit]

Emperor Draygon

Emperor Draygon has delved into the forbidden sciences thought hidden away after the catastrophe and is directing his empire to expand and gather resources so as to employ this lost knowledge. He is also seeking to find a way into the Floating Tower, where he believes he will be able to hold sway over the rest of the world.

General Kelbesque[edit]

General Kelbesque

Commander of Draygon's ground forces, Kelbesque is a merciless and powerful fighter.



This mysterious witch has made her way to the Angry Sea, where her magic is starting to hold the people there in thrall.



An elite commander known for his speed and ruthelessness.



Strongest of the Finest Four, he currently commands the Draygonian fortress at Goa while researching forbidden knowledge.

Minor Cameos[edit]

Some of the characters are named after popular characters from other SNK games. The Elders Asina (a corruption of Athena) and Kensou are named for the two protagonists of Psycho Soldier, and the Athena there is derived from the titular character of the earlier game Athena. The brothers Ralph and Clark of Joel are the main characters from Ikari Warriors. All four later appear in the King of Fighters series.