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There are four groups of items in Crystalis: Weapon, Guard, Power-up, and Other Items. Each category lists the item's name, a brief description, where the item can be acquired, the shop asking price (if the item can be bought), and the selling price (if the item can be sold).


Swords are the primary offensive weapon used throughout the game, each with a specific elemental attribute: wind, fire, water, or thunder. Certain enemies and obstacles can be dispatched only with an attack from the correct elemental sword. Swords must be found as the adventure progresses, as they cannot be purchased at shops.

Image Item Name Description Attack Up Location
Sword of Wind Sword of Wind Sword with the elemental power of wind. +1 Leaf - Given by the Elder
Sword of Fire Sword of Fire Sword with the elemental power of fire. +2 Oak - Given by the Elder
Sword of Water Sword of Water Sword with the elemental power of water. +4 Waterfall Cave
Sword of Thunder Sword of Thunder Sword with the elemental power of thunder.
Level 1 charge sends 3-way thunder
+8 Cave of Styx
Crystalis Crystalis Sword with the combined forces of the four elements. +16 Floating Tower - Made by Mesia

Weapon Power-Ups[edit]

Power-up items enable the full potential of elemental swords to be unleashed. Elemental balls allow an elemental sword to be charged up to level 2, enabling the hero to destroy certain obstructions in his path or to create ice bridges spanning rivers. Elemental bracelets allow an elemental sword to be charged up to level 3, allowing the hero to release the sword's most destructive attack. Level 3 attacks consume MP, thus if the player's magic points are lower than the required amount to cast the attack, a level 2 attack is released instead. Once you have the Bracelet for a given sword, it is possible to limit yourself to Levels 1 and 2 to conserve magic. Equipping a power-up of the wrong element will limit your attacks to Level 1. Not equipping any power-up at all will limit you to Level 2.

Balls (Level 2)
Image Item Name Effect Location
Ball of Wind Ball of Wind An air shot which blasts crumbling stone walls. Sealed Cave
Ball of Fire Ball of Fire A long fire shot which melts ice walls and can deal multiple hits easier. Poison Forest - Dropped by Giant Insect
Ball of Water Ball of Water An ice blade which freezes certain narrow spans of water, creating ice bridges. Sacred Lime Tree - Given by Rage
Ball of Thunder Ball of Thunder A 7-way wide shot which destroys Demon Walls. Shyron - Dropped by Mado
Bracelets (Level 3)
Image Item Name Effect Cost Location
Tornado Bracelet Tornado Bracelet A wide wall of tornadoes is shot forward. 8MP Mt. Sabre West
Flame Bracelet Flame Bracelet A fiery explosion is emitted from the tip of your sword that circles around in a tight radius. 16MP Mt. Sabre North - Dropped by General Kelbesque
Blizzard Bracelet Blizzard Bracelet An icy blizzard spirals in and out from your position a few times before dispersing. 16MP Amazones - Basement of Queen Aryllis' House
Storm Bracelet Storm Bracelet A massive thunderstorm flashes several times. All enemies onscreen susceptible to Thunder will be continually hit as long as the storm flashes. 40MP Goa Fortess - Behind where you fight Karmine


Armor and shields provide protection for the hero throughout the story. Most can be purchased via the armor shops found in villages and towns encountered on the journey, but the best can only be acquired from chests in dungeons or from defeated bosses. Armor suits improve your protection against direct (melee) attacks while Shields improve your protection against projectile (range) attacks.


Image Item Name Description Melee Defense Up Location Purchase Price Sell Price
Tanned Hide Tanned Hide Simple tanned hide. +2 Leaf $100 $50
Leather Armor Leather Armor Made of hardened leather. +6 Brynmaer $140 $70
Bronze Armor Bronze Armor Basic metal armor. +10 Portoa $600 $300
Platinum Armor Platinum Armor Mid-level metal armor. +14 Portoa $2,000 $1,000
Amazones $1,800
Soldier Suit Soldier Suit Suit with metal knit compound. +18 Swan $3,000 $1,500
Ceramic Suit Ceramic Suit Suit made of ceramic materials. +24 Swan $6,500 $3,250
Shyron $5,500
Battle Armor Battle Armor Guards against poison attack. +20 Oasis Cave N/A N/A
Psycho Armor Psycho Armor Restores lost HP while remaining stationary. +32 Great Pyramid - Dropped by Emperor Draygon N/A N/A


Image Item Name Description Range Defense Up Location Purchase Price Sell Price
Carapace Shield Carapace Shield Shield made from a shell. +2 Leaf $80 $40
Brynmaer $70
Bronze Shield Bronze Shield Basic metal shield. +6 Brynmaer $220 $110
Platinum Shield Platinum Shield Mid-level metal shield. +8 Portoa $1,500 $750
Amazones $1,300
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield Guards against petrification. +12 Amazones $2,000 $750
Sacred Shield Sacred Shield Guards against paralysis. +16 Amazones $9,000 $3,000
Shyron $6,000
Ceramic Shield Ceramic Shield Shield made of ceramic tiles. +18 Swan $2,500 $1,250
Battle Shield Battle Shield High-level metal shield. +24 Swan $6,000 $3,000
Shyron $5,000
Psycho Shield Psycho Shield Guards against most enemy attacks. +32 Cave of Styx N/A N/A

Other Items[edit]

The remaining items come in three groups: tools, equipment, and event items. These three groups correspond to the three Item rows on your sub-screen. You can only have one of each selected at a time. Tools (the top row) assist the hero by removing status ailments, replenishing HP or MP, or warping the hero to a town. These items may only be used once before disappearing from the player's inventory. These are typically purchased at a Tool Shop, but may also be found in chests throughout the world's dungeons or as drops by bosses.

Equipment (the second row) provide the hero with special abilities while selected ranging from expanded physical abilities, offensive and defensive bonuses, to gradual MP restoration. These items do not disappear with use, unlike tools and event items, and cannot be purchased in shops. Their effect lasts as long as the item is selected, but you can only equip one item at a time.

Event items (the third row) progress the storyline. Like tools, they may only be used once before they vanish (excepting the Shell Flute), but they won't actually be used until the correct circumstances are met. Like equipment, event items cannot be purchased in shops; they must be found.


Image Item Name Description Location Purchase Price Sell Price
Medical Herb Medical Herb Replenishes 32 HP. Leaf $30 $10
Brynmaer $35
Oak $50
Nadare's Inn $60
Portoa $90
Joel $120
Swan $180
Goa $500
Shyron $180
Antidote Antidote Cures poison. Leaf $40 $20
Brynmaer $45
Oak $60
Nadare's Inn $70
Joel $150
Swan $200
Goa $600
Shyron $200
Sahara $1,000
Lysis Plant Lysis Plant Cures paralysis. Portoa $200 $95
Amazones $150
Goa $700
Fruit of Lime Fruit of Lime Cures petrification. Portoa $180 $90
Shyron $300
Fruit of Power Fruit of Power Replenishes 32 MP. Oak $80 $65
Nadare's Inn $100
Amazones $150
Joel $180
Swan $350
Magic Ring Magic Ring Restores all MP. Shyron $800 $500
Sahara $4,000
Fruit of Repun Fruit of Repun Cures curse. Sahara $3,000 $1,000
Warp Boots Warp Boots Teleports the player to a town they have previously visited. Leaf $60 $30
Brynmaer $65
Nadare's Inn $80
Portoa $120
Amazones $100
Swan $300
Sahara $1,500
Opel Statue Opel Statue Replenishes all life when the player dies if the statue is selected in the inventory. Goa Fortress
Great Pyramid Tomb
Alarm Flute Alarm Flute Wakes sleeping people. Leaf $50 $25
Joel $300


Image Item Name Description Location
Gas Mask Gas Mask Protects the player from the poisonous gas in the Poison Forest. Brynmaer - Given by Akahana
Power Ring Power Ring Doubles the hero's attack power. Must be equipped to damage Emperor Draygon. Oasis Cave
Warrior Ring Warrior Ring Enables level 1 sword attacks without having to charge the weapon. Goa - Given by Akhana's friend
Iron Necklace Iron Necklace Doubles the hero's melee defence. Evil Spirit Island Caves
Shield Ring Shield Ring Doubles the hero's range defence. Waterfall Cave - Given by Akahana
Deo's Pendant Deo's Pendant Gradually replenishes MP while the player remains stationary. Rabbit Meadow - Given by Deo
Rabbit Boots Rabbit Boots Enables the player to jump by pressing A button, provided no spell is equipped. Sealed Cave - Dropped by Vampire
Leather Boots Leather Boots Protects the player from taking damage when walking on poisonous or spiked ground. Oasis Cave

Event Items[edit]

Image Item Name Description Location
Windmill Key Windmill Key Operates the windmill in the Valley of Wind. Windmill Tunnel - Given by Windmill Keeper
Key to Prison Key to Prison Unlocks the prison door atop Mt. Sabre North. Mt. Sabre North
Key to Styx Key to Styx Unlocks the door to the Cave of Styx. Shyron - Given by Zebu
Insect Flute Insect Flute Summons the Giant Insect. Oak - Given by mother of Lost Child
Flute of Lime Flute of Lime Returns petrified people to normal. Portoa - Given by the Queen
Waterfall Cave
Shell Flute Shell Flute Summons a dolphin to transport the hero across the seas. Portoa Caves
Eye Glasses Eye Glasses Allows the hero to see the hidden storage room door in the town of Joel. Zombie Town - Given by Clark
Statue of Onyx Statue of Onyx Statue treasured by Akahana. Cordel Plains
Broken Statue Broken Statue Has the ability to calm the angry sea whirlpools, once repaired. Sabera's Castle - Dropped by Sabera
Statue of Gold Statue of Gold Calms the Angry Sea's whirlpool, allowing travel to the north. Use the Glowing Lamp
Ivory Statue Ivory Statue Able to remove the curse placed upon Kensu by Karmine. Goa Fortress - Dropped by Karmine
Kirisa Plant Kirisa Plant A rare plant growing in the valley of Kirisa. Admired by the queen of the amazons. Kirisa Valley Cave
Fog Lamp Fog Lamp The lost lamp of the boat keeper in Portoa. With it, his boat can reach the Angry Sea. East Cave
Glowing Lamp Glowing Lamp Repairs broken things, changing the broken statue into the statue of gold. Lighthouse - Dropped by Kensu
Love Pendant Love Pendant Pendant given to Kensu by Asina as proof of her faith in him. Portoa Caves
Bow of Moon Bow of Moon Destroys the guardian statue of the moon. Amazones - Given by Queen Aryllis
Bow of Sun Bow of Sun Destroys the guardian statue of the sun. Mt. Hydra
Bow of Truth Bow of Truth Reveals the true form of Emperor Draygonia. Great Pyramid - Given by Azteca