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As you encounter the four Elders in the game, they will teach you magic spells to help you on your journey. There are a total of eight spells: two from each Elder. They will teach each of their spells upon satisfying certain conditions.

Image Name Cost Description Obtaining
Refresh Refresh 1MP/2HP* Restores HP Open the Sealed Cave. If you do not return to Zebu personally, he will teach the technique to you telepathically before you enter the cave.
Paralysis Paralysis 4MP Beam that stuns enemies & NPCs Rescue the Elder of Leaf atop Mt. Sabre North. You'll be taught this telepathically before proceeding to Portoa.
Telepathy Telepathy 8MP for Advice
Free to talk to animals.
Lets you contact the Elders for advice and talk to animals. Defeat Stom in Tornel's house.
Teleport Teleport 20MP Teleport to previously-visited towns. Locate Tornel at Mt. Sabre West after finding the Tornado Bracelet.
Recover Recover 24MP Recover from Poison, Petrification, and Paralysis (not Curse). Locate Asina's hideout in the caves behind Portoa.
Barrier Barrier ~6MP/sec* Blocks projectiles. Calm the Angry Sea and clear the sea pass to the north to be taught this telepathically.
Change Change 20MP to Change
Free to revert.
Lets you assume one of four forms:
  • Stom
  • Draygonian Soldier
  • Woman
  • Akahana
Reveal Kensu twice in Swan (in the Tavern, then in the Dance Hall), then give him the Love Pendant.
Flight Flight 2MP/sec* Fly over many types of gaps. Break Kensu's curse in Goa Fortress.

* Spell is a continuous effect. Hold A button to keep the effect, release to break.