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Items to Obtain
Change Spell
Key points
  1. To/from Angry Sea.
  2. Stom tells you to look for Kensu.
  3. Tavern. Use Paralysis to reveal Kensu. He will teleport to #4.
  4. Dance Hall. Use Paralysis to reveal Kensu, then give him the Love Pendant to learn Change.
  5. Draygonian Checkpoint. Change into a Soldier to have them open the passage to #6.
  6. To/from Goa Fields.
Pawn Shop Available
Inn Armor Shop Tool Shop
Soldier Suit Ceramic Suit Ceramic Shield Battle Shield Medical Herb Antidote Warp Boots Fruit of Lime
150 3000 6500 2500 6000 180 200 300 350

Enter the unmarked building left of the Inn to meet Stom. He will ask you to find Kensu, before disappearing.

Kensu can be first found in the tavern, and is found at the bottom left disguised as a soldier. He's the only one not moving, and if you talk to him, he brags about Kensu. Use Paralysis on him and talk to him. He'll curse and disappear.

Head to the dance hall to the right, and use Paralysis on the dancer at the bottom left (again, this person doesn't move). This revels the dancer as Kensu. After talking with him, he will give you Change in exchange for the Love Pendant you found south-west of Joel. He'll point you west, in the direction of Mt. Hydra. Before doing so, though, a detour. With the Change spell, there is another area you can reach now: the all-woman town of Amazones.