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Legal[edit | edit source]

Legs Description
Quick Jump Legs Enhances your descent abilities, making you less vulnerable to attack upon landing.
Ground Legs Decreases jump height, but reduces vulnerability after air-dashes and jumps.
Short Thrust Legs Decreases your air-dash and continuous jump distance, but enhances your agility.
Stabilizer Legs Provides good acceleration and sharper turning.
Standard Legs Basic legs. Swap for a different set of legs soon to improve your abilities.
High Jump Legs Increases jump speed and height, allowing you to attack from on high.
Booster Legs Increases dash speed and continuous jumps.
Feather Legs Decreases jump speed. Makes you less vulnerable to attacks when landing.
Formula Legs Drastically increases running speed.
Plus One Legs Increases air-dashes and continuous jumps by one. Designed for aerial battles.
Long Thrust Legs Increases air-dash and continuous jump distance.
Wide Jump Legs Makes long-jumps possible, improving your ability to approach foes.

Illegal[edit | edit source]

Legs Description
Sling Legs Provides good acceleration and turning. Increases air-dash speed and jump height.
Kindjal Legs Increases jump height and speed. Makes you less vulnerable when landing.
Cleaver Legs Increases running, air-dash, and jumping speed. Raises jump height.
Scythe Legs Upgraded jump height and speed. Increases air-dash and continuous jump speed.
Hadron Legs Increases ground and air mobility. Good for all types of battle.
Amun Legs Reduces vulnerability during air-dash and continuous jumps. Slightly improves overall mobility.
Indigo Legs Slows jump speed, but increases jump distance. Reduces jump vulnerability.
Phantom Legs Drastically increases ground mobility. Increases air-dashes and continuous jumps by 1.

Special[edit | edit source]

Legs Description
Chick Legs The worst leg part. Good for confident commanders who want to test their abilities.
ARS-L13 Reduces vulnerability during air-dashes, jumps, and landings.
Carat Legs Shorter jump distance and air-dash. Other abilities have also been enhanced. Easy to Use.