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Cutie Q
Year released1979
Preceded byBomb Bee
SeriesGee Bee
Japanese titleキューティQ
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
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Cutie Q is the third, and final, title in Namco's Gee Bee trilogy of pinball-style arcade games, released in 1979; it was included as a "hidden" game in the Japanese version of Namco Museum Vol. 2 for the Sony PlayStation, as was its predecessor, Bomb Bee (and for a second time, the American version of that title included Super Pac-Man instead). The table's components are, once again, explained below.

Table components[edit]

CQ Table Components.png
  • 1: Rainbow Blocks - 10 points; clearing them all out on one side will cause a small yellow creature known as a "Walkman" to appear and start making its way to the edge of the table. If your ball hits it, it will be knocked out and the blocks will reappear once that ball lands upon the bottom paddle (with an extra row on top each time).
  • 2: Minimon - If your ball hits one, it will disappear and you will receive the amount of points displayed above it.
  • 3: Spinner - 10 points; unlike the ones from the two previous titles, its point value can not be increased to 100.
  • 4: Extra Targets - 100 points; lighting them all up on one side will cause this game to point towards that side's Drainage Chute for the extra ball, and their letters will change each time your ball lands on the bottom paddle.
  • 5: Sad/Happy Faces - 50 points; these replace the "Namco Lights" (five lights that have the letters of N, A, M, C and O on them) of Gee Bee and Bomb Bee (however, the Gremlin-licensed version of Gee Bee substituted them with five instances of their G-like logo), and lighting them all up ("happy") increases the bonus multiplier.
  • 6: Side Traps - When your ball goes into one of these, you receive 3200 extra points in 100-point increments.
  • 7: Bonus Multiplier - You'll receive this every time your ball goes out of play; it can be increased by lighting up all the Sad/Happy Faces (which, as mentioned above, replaced the "Namco Lights" of the two previous titles).
  • 8: Drainage Chutes - Lighting up all five of the Extra Targets on one side of the table will cause the game to point towards that side's one for an extra ball; the barriers in them are also automatically present this time, but once one is deactivated, it will not be reactivated until your ball goes out of play.
  • 9: Paddles - Use the rotary controller to direct them across the bottom and middle of the screen; once your ball goes out of play you will receive your bonus multiplier. This time, you may receive a "New Ball" (extra life) upon reaching a predetermined point value depending on how the cabinet is set - and it is also worth noting that the "Walkmen" look like this: CQ Walkman.png. They move slowly, even though their animation makes it look like they move quickly.