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In-menu controls[edit]

Like most NES games, A button is used to select, and B button cancels.

However, editing information for a team requires holding B button and using the control pad to switch between players or other fields.

In-game controls[edit]

Control Action
Neutral dpad
  • Move batter/pitcher left or right.
  • As pitcher, adjust trajectory of ball.
  • As the marked fielder, move around.
  • In combat, approaches or backs up.
A button
  • As pitcher, hold to charge the pitch and release to fire.
  • As batter, swings the bat.
  • In combat, attacks by beating, cutting or thrusting.
B button
  • In combat, attacks by kicking, jumping or revolution.
A button + B button
  • In combat, prepares a special attack. Follow with A button or B button.
Neutral dpad + B button
  • As offensive team, advances a runner.
Neutral dpad + A button
  • As offensive team, retreats to the designated mound.
  • As defensive team, throws the ball to the given base.
Start button or Select button
  • Pause