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Game Mode[edit]

This mode simulates arcade gameplay with memory card capabilities on. It follows the traditional route of choosing a style (single, double, versus), difficulty, and song.

Workout Mode[edit]

This mode is similar to Game Mode but tones down the gameplay for a more aerobic workout, and allows tracking of personal fitness goals in a diary.

Lesson Mode[edit]

This mode allows new players to learn the basics of DDR, one step at a time.

Edit Mode[edit]

Selecting this will bring up the step editor, allowing you to create new stepcharts for songs in the game. Edits can be transferred to a separate file on your memory card which can be transferred to your friend's memory card if you wish to share it with him, or to previous/future DDR games with common songs (e.g. Jam & Marmalade in both this game and DDRMAX).


Allows for editing game, graphic, controller, and memory options.


Selecting this mode will view a table of your grades according to song, style, and difficulty level. Upon selecting a specific score, you can then see the numeric score and max combo. You may also choose to erase the record.


After doing specific things in-game, the Information mode will open up more information on songs, artists, game modes, as well as tips on improving your skills at the game.