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DMMd character Mink.png
  • Alignment: Scratch
  • Blood type: O
  • Height: 189 cm (6' 2")
  • Birthday: September 26
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Allmate: Tori the cockatoo

Mink (ミンク) is the oldest of the main characters and also the most openly aggressive. Leading a team of former prisoners, Aoba first meets Mink when he is forcefully captured by his gang. Mink comes from a Native American village, though events have occurred between then and now to make him a bitter man who maintains his distance despite working with the group toward a common goal.

DMMd screen Mink 1.png
DMMd screen Mink 2.png
DMMd screen Mink 3.png

Common Route[edit]

  • 躊躇する (Hesitate)
  • 手品師? (Are you a magician?)
  • 反撃する (Fight back)
  • 階段を上る音が聞こえた (I hear someone on the stairs)
  • 絶対嫌だ (No way)
  • 紅雀に声をかける (Call out to Koujaku)
  • 今は我慢するしかない (I have to bear with this)
  • 我慢する (Be patient)
  • 先を急ぐ (Hurry inside)
  • ノイズの様子を窺う (Peek at what Noiz is doing)
  • クリアを目で探す (Search for Clear)
  • 紅雀の敵を引きつける (Fight Koujaku's enemies)
  • ミンクに従う (Listen to Mink)
  • ミンクを思い浮かべる (Think about Mink)
  • すぐに支度をする (Get ready right away)
  • 銃は使いたくない (I don't want to use a gun)
  • それでも抵抗する (Resist)


Bad End[edit]

  • 助けて (Help)
  • 助けて (Help)
  • 助けて (Help)

Good End[edit]

  • 助けない (Don't help)
  • 助けない (Don't help)
  • 助けない (Don't help)