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Control Action
Circle button Advance text
Start button Save
Select button Load
Square button Menu
R1 button Skip (Only for text you've seen before)
Cross button Cancel
L1 button Auto Play
Triangle button See previous text


DMMd recode title screen.png

The menu is similar to the PC version of the game, with "Start", "Data Load", "Config", and "Extra" options. Extra allows you to view previously obtained music and images. This should make it easier to view your progress toward completion, though keep in mind that to earn the trophy, you must view the galleries through this menu even if you have obtained all necessary music and scenes through the story. Additionally, after clearing a route, the game will ask if you would like to save you progress. Choose "Yes" twice in order for the cleared route to count toward completion progress. Finally, make sure to save at the forks indicated in the original guide to obtain all endings.