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The summary of the cutscene will be put here.

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Case Information[edit]

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  • Time of Crime: November 19th, 1899. 2:00 PM
  • Location: La Quantos
  • Defendant: Ryunosuke Naruhodou
  • Victim: John Watson
  • Cause of death: Blood loss due to a gunshot wound, initially, later discovered to be asphyxiation from curare
  • Murder weapon: A pistol, initially, later discovered to be curare
  • Defense Attorney: Ryunosuke Naruhodou
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Taketsuchi Auchi


Defense Attorney/Defendant[edit]

DGS Ryunosuke.png

Ryunosuke Naruhodou

A college student attending Teito Yuumei University. Went into La Quantos to have a chat with his best friend, only to find himself caught up in the murder of John Watson. He has made the choice to defend himself in court.


DGS John Watson.png

John Watson

An English professor invited to Japan to teach new students. His status and background only makes this case more intense.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

DGS Auchi.png

Taketsuchi Auchi

The prosecutor you face against. He is the ancestor of the Payne family, and similarly, treats rookies condescendingly.


DGS Satoru.png

Satoru Hosonaga

A waiter working at La Quantos, claiming that he witnessed Naruhodou point a gun at John Watson.

DGS Taizou.png

Taizou Uzukumaru

A soldier who was dining at La Quantos with Sanmon. Has a son who he brought to court with, on his back.

DGS Sanmon.png

Sanmon Sonohigurashi

An old man who owns an antique store. He was dining with Taizou at La Quantos. He is a peculiar man who likes to refer to himself as "this one".

DGS Jezail.png

Jezail Brett

A foreign exchange student from Great Britain who attends Teito Yunmei University. She was dining at La Quantos with her teacher, John Watson. She is currently studying in the medical department.

Other Characters[edit]

DGS Asougi.png

Kazuma Asougi

Naruhodou's best friend and a college student attending Teito Yunmei University. He was gifted with the chance to study abroad due to his astounding skills. He was originally going to defend Naruhodou. Gives you advice and tips throughout the trial.

DGS Yujin.png

Yujin Mikotoba

A professor at Teito Yunmei University and father of Susato Mikotoba. He was the one who invited John Watson over to Japan to teach.

DGS Susato.png

Susato Mikotoba

The daughter of Professor Mikotoba. She can usually be seen with her father.