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Trial continues[edit]

Susato reveals that she has come here to deliver a special piece of evidence to the defense. The Judge allows her to do so. She hands you a report, claiming it to be Jezail's research documents. Susato obtained the book through Dr. Watson's laboratory at Yunmei University. The report is about curare: a deadly poison. Jezail's Report has been filed in the Court Record. The Judge will now ask if you have anymore evidence to present. Present Jezail's Report. Asougi will tell the court what Jezail has been researching: curare. A deadly poison that can cause death that cannot be found in Japan. There's no wonder why they couldn't detect poison in the bottle, Naruhodou says, as the police had no idea that it existed. In Europe, it seems to be common knowledge, but in Japan, the methods to detect it haven't been created.

Prosecutor Auchi counters you by saying that Watson would've been in extreme pain if he had ingested poison, and his reaction would've been very noticable. Hosonaga also testifies that he had not seen such a thing. However, Asougi reveals why. Curare, when ingested, will paralyze all of the muscles in a person's body. Meaning that Watson couldn't move, speak, or give any indication as to what was happening. Asougi claims that the true cause of death was suffocation from curare. It looks like you've turned things around, when...Jezail does the unthinkable. She pours the leftover contents of the bottle into a glass, and...drinks it. What? How could Jezail still be alive? Unless, the bottle really contained no curare?

You ask yourself: Was there curare in that bottle? Select there is. Naruhodou insists that the bottle had curare in it. The Judge will ask you for evidence as to why Jezail is still alive after drinking from the bottle. Present Jezail's Report. The Judge and Prosecutor Auchi will ask you to be more specific. You have to point out where in the report is the evidence. Select entry titled "characteristics". Naruhodou reveals that in the report, it says that the poison is only lethal when entered through a wound. Otherwise, when mixed with the acid in your stomach, it will turn harmless. This is why Jezail was able to drink it! But, Jezail counters you yet again, saying that Watson also would've been able to drank it without dying, since both drank from the same bottle. The Judge will ask for evidence as to why Watson died but Jezail did not. Present Medical Report. Naruhodou reminds the court that Watson had had a tooth extraction prior to dining at La Quantos, which Jezail knew of. The curare entered through Watson's wound in his mouth which led to his death.

All of a sudden, Jezail picks up the bottle in her hand. She taunts the court about "what would happen to their precious evidence" before dropping it onto the floor. Unfortunately, the liquid inside quickly soaked into the absorbent carpet, and the bottle smashed into multiple shards. Jezail quickly goes back to accusing Naruhodou of shooting Watson from the front, using the photograph of the crime scene to her advantage. Asougi asks you to recall the incident: what you saw, heard, or smelled. You will ask yourself if a clue that points to Jezail shooting Watson exists or not. Select does exist. Now's your chance to prove that Jezail shot Watson. Point to the bloodstain on the wooden platter. If Naruhodou really did shoot Watson, how did the plate of beefsteak, which was sitting behind the victim, get blood on it? Only the person sitting across from Watson could've shot him in order for the bloodstain to line up. Detective Hosonaga reveals that he confiscated the plate of beefsteak. The Judge orders him to bring it out.

The Beefsteak Plate[edit]

After a bit, Hosonaga comes back with the plate of beefsteak. Upon closer inspection, the wooden slab has no blood on it. Beefsteak Plate has been filed in the Court Record. The Judge is about to declare the verdict unless you can find any more clues about the beefsteak plate. You ask yourself if there are any. Select there are still more clues. The Judge will ask you to point it out. Point at the steak. Upon lifting up the steak, a golden koban can be seen. Does this remind you of something? Present the koban. Now, you must prove how the koban relates to this case. In order to do so, you must speak with the owner of it. Who's the owner? Present Sanmon Sonohigurashi. The Judge will proceed to call both witnesses from earlier up to the stand.

When The Judge shows Sonohigurashi the koban, he reacts intensely, confirming it to be the same one he had lost the day of the incident. Asougi tells him that it was found underneath a beefsteak, meaning someone had intentionally hidden it there. Detective Hosonaga reveals that the reason he had become an undercover waiter was due to incidents of theft, where one person would steal items from wealthy foreigners. The koban could be a part of the string of robberies. Naruhodou claims that the identity of this thief is obvious. The Judge will ask for their identity. Present Taizou Uzukumaru. After a short breakdown, Uzukumaru admits to being the thief. Jezail shows disgust towards Taizou for placing a coin underneath a beefsteak and not even using a knife and a fork to slice it.

The Judge is about to let Jezail go, when you interject. Naruhodou claims that there was a contradiction in Jezail's statements, and the Judge asks you to show evidence. Present the beefsteak plate. Jezail claimed that she would never bite into a beefsteak, but the beefsteak on the plate shows bite marks. The Judge and Prosecutor Auchi fail to see what the problem is, but Naruhodou claims that the beefsteak is connected to a decisive piece of evidence. A piece of evidence that hasn't been presented yet but someone has it. When the Judge asks who has it, present Satoru Hosonaga. Uzukumaru confirms that he hid the koban under his own plate, meaning Hosonaga presented Uzukumaru's plate, not Jezail's. That poses the question, why was Uzukumaru's plate on the victim's table?

Uzukumaru reveals that during the incident, he switched his plate with Jezail's in order to direct suspicion away from him if they found the koban. The Judge now orders Hosonaga to bring out the other beefsteak he had confiscated. When he brings out the other beefsteak, a bloodstain can be seen. Meaning, only Jezail could've shot Watson since she was sitting across from him! Jezail proceeds to confess her crime, telling the court her plan to kill Watson. And with that,

Ryunosuke Naruhodou is found...

PWAA notguilty.gif

What really happened[edit]

Jezail invited Professor Watson to dine with her at La Quantos. Knowing that Watson was to have a tooth extraction prior, Jezail prepared the curare in advance. The curare was planted in the bottle of carbonated water, as that was the only thing Watson could consume. Jezail knew that the curare would enter through the wound in Watson's mouth, killing him, and that curare hadn't yet been discovered in Japan, meaning there was no way to find it in the bottle. She also ordered a beefsteak plate and placed it in front of Watson to make it seem like he was dining alone.


After Watson was to receive the poisoned water, Jezail was to withdraw from the scene. However, she couldn't, as Naruhodou went up to Watson to chat. When Watson took the sip and fell unconscious, Jezail propped his body up against his chair to prevent him from falling over. Wanting to pin the blame on Naruhodou, Jezail planted the doctor's pistol where he could see it. Upon picking up the gun, Jezail used her own gun that she had concealed under her skirt to shoot Watson.

As soon as the gunshot rang out, undercover detective, Hosonaga, ran to the scene. Assuming that Naruhodou was the killer, Hosonaga restrained him and brought him into the kitchen. Jezail took the chance to turn Watson's chair around, making it seem like he was shot from the front, pinning the blame on Naruhodou.


Asougi and Susato congratulate you on your first case. Professor Mikotoba also comes by to thank you for catching Watson's killer. But he also brings bad news. Jezail Brett, the culprit, cannot be judged in Japan. Hosonaga appears to explain. Due to the invocation of extraterritorial rights, Jezail's trial will be held in the courts of the British Empire. But for now, Professor Mikotoba calls for a celebration, and Hosonaga will prepare a special dinner at La Quantos.

Asougi expresses that he thinks Naruhodou will be the better fit for an attorney. Claiming to only give him a push at the beginning, Naruhodou carried through the rest of the trial all by himself. Asougi then asks for a request, but is interrupted by Hosonaga wanting everyone to leave and celebrate. You'll have to wait later to hear what Asougi has to say, but for now, it's time to celebrate your first victory!