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The murder weapon
Danganronpa bullet Kitchen Knife Set.png
  1. Use Evidence of a Struggle to shoot "didn't even have a chance to resist."
  2. Use Kitchen Knife Set to shoot "some random knife."
  3. Use Aoi's Account to shoot "when nobody was in the dining hall."
Q: So the person who took the knife from the kitchen was...

The crime scene
Danganronpa bullet Bathroom Doorframe.png
Danganronpa bullet Dorm Nameplates.png
  1. In the Hangman's Gambit, spell HAIR.
  2. Select the Bathroom Doorknob.
  3. Use Bathroom Doorframe to shoot "locked it."
Q: The important detail about the scene of the crime that they didn't know was...
The crime took place in my room

  1. Select Switching Rooms.
  2. Shoot Dorm Nameplates at "the room that Makoto was staying in."
Q: There's only one person who could have switched the nameplates. The only other person who knew we had switched rooms...

The replica sword
Danganronpa bullet Replica Sword.png
  1. Select Sayaka's Wrist.
  2. Use Replica Sword Sheath to shoot "a sword-based sneak attack."
Q: The part of her body that shows she never used the sword...
Her palms

Q: There's a certain regulation that talks about what happens to the bathrooms at nighttime...
The water was off

Q: The one who damaged the sheath...would had to have been the one *without* the sword.

Sayaka's dying message
Danganronpa bullet Dying Message.png
  1. Use Dying Message to shoot "just aren't any more clues."
Q: There's no question that Sayaka wrote that message. And I can prove it...
Left index finger

  1. Select Leon Kuwata.
Evidence disposal
Danganronpa bullet Burnt Shirt Piece.png
  1. Select Burnt Shirt Piece.
Q: The burnt remains of the button-up shirt, which the killer wasn't able to get rid of... There's something about it we need to pay attention to in order to figure out who's responsible.
How it was disposed of

  1. Use Shattered Crystal Ball to shoot "you'd have to get close to the incinerator."
Q: The killer had to use the glass ball in a certain way. Which was...
Throw it

Q: It wouldn't have been much of a challenge at all for the killer. Because...
Ultimate Baseball Star

Closing Argument
Final Strike